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Anyone heard of 'peddled parmesan cheese'??

McDonald's in Canada has launched a line of products tied into the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics. One of the items is described as follows : 'the Parmigiana Chicken Snack Wrap® features real peddled parmesan cheese and savoury marinara sauce, all wrapped with seasoned crispy or grilled chicken in a flour tortilla'.


Apart from the fact that the whole concept is nonsensical (psuedo-italian ingredients wrapped up in a... tortilla? whatever), has anyone come across the term 'peddled' before in relation to parmesan? I can't find references to it anywhere.

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  1. Perhaps Mr. Ronald McDonald purchased the aforementioned formaggio from a wizened old Italian peddler man? ;) adam

    1. I am told, by two very reliable sources working in the 'biz - that it is totally made up. No such thing as peddled parmesan. McD's can not afford to put real parmesan in their food - so they made up something to to make the fake (avec filler) parmesan sound more impressive. Sounds like 100% pure beef, all over again, to me.

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        "Real parmesan" is a contradiction in terms. .If by this you mean the cheese made in Emilia Romagna in Italy, it is properly called Parmigiano Reggiano, a name that may not be used outside of its area of production. So any cheese made elsewhere and called "parmesan" is by definition an almost always inferior imitator. That being said, I have no idea what "peddled parmesan" could mean. It's totally nonsensical.

      2. I wonder if this silliness has anytihng to do with the silliness that's about to happen, namely the McItaly burger.

        From the Huffington Post:
        "The burgers (there are two), are made with all Italian produce and will go on sale today for at least seven weeks. They feature unusual toppings - one has artichoke spread, Asiago cheese, and lettuce, while the other will feature Italian olive oil, onion and smoked pancetta."


        1. Perhaps the word "peddled" in Canada has a meaning that escapes American speakers of the English language. Could it have an idiomatic meaning there? Interesting.

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          1. Probably a euphemism for "contains ammonia."

            1. A polite way to say "pimped" parmesan.

              1. Apparently, it's feed for ingesting prior to the crème brûlée crunch McFlurry and S’mores pie.
                Lest you presume I jest:


                1. http://www.mcdonalds.ca/NutritionCalc...

                  OK! Go to this link, select "Lunch/Dinner Sandwiches" on the LEFT
                  Select "Parmesan Grilled Chicken Sandwich Wrap", or the "Crispy" one (NOTE: these are the only 2 items displayed as a bag, rather than with a photo, and are 6 clicks of the mouse up from the bottom, so maybe just zip to the end then click 6 times to get to the bags
                  )Then, drag the item to your virtual tray (directly below the displayed items)
                  Finally, click on the tiny "i" in column one, (to the right), with the sodium & calories, etc.

                  Surprisingly, the marinara isn't that bad (content, not taste-testing, folks! '-)

                  The "grilled chicken portion" is downright scary! "silicon dioxide", anyone? (SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_... for this "most abundant mineral on earth" / "common additive in the production of foods, where it is used primarily as a flow agent in powdered foods, or to absorb water in hygroscopic applications"... _SAND_

                  http://www.pacifichealth.com/gras_lis... lists the sodium aluminum sulfate in the tortillas as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe, per FDA), though this site disagrees (and is quite interesting, http://www.viewzone.com/alzheimers.html

                  Finally listed is, "Shaved Parmesean" with ingredients beyond reproach. I found the spelling "Chicken Parmesan" to be suspect and fully anticipated encountering something similar to the horrendous explanation for the "chicken portion", but no. It seems the "peddled cheese" is A-OK.

                  If caged & forced, I'd eat the "peddled cheese & marinara" - the tortillas & "chicken portion" I'd use to craft a sand & aluminum weapon '-)

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                    Did Somebody say McDonald's?

                    Ah, Those catchy little commercial jingles....
                    Why not sing them out loud while you place your order at the counter...

                    "You deserve a break today"
                    can become
                    "You deserve some sand today"

                    "There's a little McDonald's in everone"
                    can become
                    "There's a little aluminum in everyone."

                    can become
                    "somechickenmeat special sand marinara peddled cheese on an aluminum tortilla"

                    bon appetit, everyone

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                      Well, gang...in my 84 years, I have been in a McDonald's exactly twice. First time was when one just opened in Richmond BC and a cousin of my wife's took us there. Didn't like it then, but gave them one more try about 15 years later...NO more big Mucks for this old guy! Been cooking since 1947, still am and if we want something outside of our kitchen, we go to a little Asian joint where we know both the owner and the chef. Perhaps that is why we are both in the 140lb range and perhaps also why we are SO old! (Marie hit 80 January)
                      So we happily scoot along through life, minus McDonald's!

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                        Happily and, dare I say heathily & smartly, too '-)

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                          I've gone to McDo more than that, but not to eat. Usually they have clean toilets.

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                          i wonder if the parmigiano reggiano consortium will allow mcd to use the word 'parmesan' if the product is not real italian parm reg ?

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                              Why not? Kraft does, as does any other purveyor of that grated stuff in cardboard cans. Same is true of "Romano."

                          1. Two meanings that may apply here : "to promote as valuable" (real marketing speak in this one); "to deal out, especially in small quantities" (sounds dead-on, too).

                            It's all BS, no matter how you look at it. More misleading language in the service of sales.

                            Or perhaps it's all a typo, and they meant "pebbled"? That's a whole new discussion. :D

                            1. Don't know about the parmesan being peddled, but no doubt McDonalds is pedding a load of something here, and it sure looks like BS to me.

                              1. My guess is that Mickey D's marketing team came up with the term as a means of hooking the public into wondering what it is, i.e., "creating buzz." Note the alliteration of "peddled parmesan."
                                Given the attention we're giving it, it would seem their ploy has already enjoyed some success.

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                                  BINGO! Everyone is talking about it, which of course, is different than everyone *eating* it. I certainly won't.

                                  But thanks for the chuckle this morning.

                                2. Reminds me of the Kraft "REAL" cheese debaucle only it's safer to conjure up a name than to be sued for what it really is..or isn't.

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                                  1. re: VeggieVal

                                    Takes me back to starving college student "daze" and standing in the grocery store wondering why the package said, "cheese food product", or something like that, where as the "good stuff" simply said, "cheese". lol
                                    I think that was the week I learned to read labels, (c. 1978 and fresh off the farm & into the big city) '-)

                                  2. This is just a guess, but I think the McDonald's chef(?) made the dish with Parmesan "petals", which I've seen referred to right here on Chow (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/432296). I'm guessing the ad copy guy heard "peddled" and went with that. Ya think?

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                                    1. re: flameworker

                                      Sounds plausible, especially given the decline in literacy of late.

                                      1. re: flameworker

                                        The Mc D's Canadian site's nutritional info. flash site does say it's "shaved", so maybe?

                                          1. re: SusanaTheConqueress

                                            But that would imply that there is real parmesan (shaved, "petaled" or whatever) involved in this monstrosity. Unlikely in the extreme.

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                                            You know, that thought crossed my mind way back when this topic was first posted, but I though, "Nah, can't be." If this is indeed the case, I'm speechless.

                                          3. No, no, it is a typo. Should be "pedalled" Parmesan meaning it gets its flavour from being placed in the shoes of the cyclists in the Tour de France. European AND environmentally sound.