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Sir Beef Green Beans from the relish bar? Recipe anyone????

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There was a Sir Beef restaurant in Evansville Indiana that had a "Help Ye Self" relish bar with Kraut, Pickles, Beets, and these Green Beans that were awesome! I tried to get the recipe and the owners daughter said there was "everything but the kitchen sink" in them".

Well, they closed. I know they were canned beans with added sliced onions, celery seeds and other herbs and they had a "bubbly" feel to them like maybe from soda???

I would really like to have the recipe if there is anyone that knows it.


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  1. I LOVED Sir Beef! And those beans! I haven't thought about them in years...we moved to away 10 years ago. My grandfather loved the Beef Tea which I believe was au jus meant to be sipped. Hopefully someone will have a bean recipe for us!

    1. As an Evansville girl, I have to laugh at the fact that Sir Beef has appeared on the Chowhound boards! (And I also have to speculate that the "fizz" was fermentation. . .)

      If they used canned beans, you can probably come close by transferring store bought canned green beans to a jar and adding sugar, onions, garlic, vinegar, and spices.

      My husband often uses the leftover pickling liquid from store-bought pickles to cure vegetables from our garden. Sometimes we add spices, etc.

      It's a fun, delicious expirament any way you make it. I'd love to know how yours turns out!

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        Tried that. Just did not work. I don't remember much of a vinegar taste, so they weren't "pickled" or dill. Not sure about the fermentation. When I asked the owners daughter, she said they make them every day. That wouldn't be enough time for gases to produce.

        Since they made them there, I am hoping for someone that knows someone.....etc. I found out the recipe for Cracker Barrel Chicken n' dumplin's from a disgruntled employee. LOL!!! Maybe I will find a sad employee that misses the great taste of their roast beef and GREEN BEANS!!!!

      2. My husband Jon fink had Sir Beef for over 20years, after his passing I found some of the Beefs recipes. This is what I found for the green beans you can break it down accordingly. Hope this helps.
        4 cans beans
        4 onions
        1cup sugar
        1cupsalad oil
        6 1/2 tbsp basil
        4 tbsp oregano
        31/2 tbsp celery seed
        2 1/2 tbsp garlic
        1 tsp salt

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            I have been wondering about Sir Beef's meat seasoning recipe and BBQ sauce recipe. I can't remember the name of the sauce, but it had one of those old time English names. Has anyone figured these out?

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              dried basil?

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                my educated guess would be,yes dried

                an old recipe,not seasonal,made daily with ingredients that had to be readily available 20+ years ago in Indiana

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                Hi Mrs. Fink, I remember going to Sir Beef on St Joe in the mid 70's. It was and will always be a favorite. Many friends and I do not understand why such and outstanding sandwich is no longer available. As a child when I was sick my Dad would drive across town to get me a couple Sir Beefs because that was the only thing I would eat! Preferably after chilling in the fridge. Since you posted the recipe for the green beans, any chance you ran across a recipe for the beef and the barbeque sauce? I would often drink several of the small cups of sauce it was so good. I remember they would steam the beef just prior to serving it.

                Thanks so much,