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Advice for fells point business dinner

Have a $75 per person limit including wine for 3 lightweights to go to dinner in or around Fells Point/Harbor East on a Tuesday night in February. Looking for recommendations -- fresh Chowworthy food, not too crowded.. Black Olive would be great, but worried about exceeding the budget. I love Salt -- may end up there, but the seating is a bit uncomfortable and I'm hosting a somewhat senior mucky-muck. Any opinions on Pierpont, Timothy Dean, elsewhere?

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  1. I had a business dinner for 8 colleagues at Black Olive this past November. As a group, they were not big drinkers -- maybe 2 or 3 bottles of wine (in the middle of price range). Some, but not all, ordered apps; 2 people got dessert. Came out to about $65/person and was very enjoyable. Nice touch to be given a "walking tour" of their seafood offerings.

    1. What about Henninger's? They have that nice side dining area that is pretty quiet. Good food and I never think of it as an expensive place to drink? And on Tuesdays Jack the bartender is there - makes great mixed drinks.

      One Eyed Mike's also has that nice back dining area. Good food. Not sure about their wine list.

      I think Cinghiale has half price bottles of wine on Tuesdays, which might bump it back into your price range? You can search for other Tuesday specials at 600block.com.

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        I second the Cinghiale rec, especially on a Tuesday night. The 1/2 price rule is supposedly only in the Enoteca (bar) side, but in the past I've bought the wine bottles at the bar and they've just brought them over to the dining room, with the same 1/2 price.

        If it's a nice night, the harbor view is very alluring.

      2. I 2nd Henningers and add Jack's Bistro in Canton

        1. If you feel like wandering over to Canton, try Helen's Garden. They have great food and half price glasses of wine until 8. Tuesdays they have a 3 course wine dinner for $29 which includes 3 tasting glasses of wine. If you change plans and go on a Weds, they have 1/2 price entrees. I've never had a bad meal there!

          1. Timothy Dean is now just a lounge.

            1. Black Olive is nice...is Meli an option for you?

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                All great suggestions. I'll do a little more research on the 1/2 price bottle of wine deals (GREAT IDEA!!), and check out the menus while I'm at it. Will let you know. Also need to find a comfortable way to announce the price limit so I don't stress about it.

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                  I agree completely with the Cinghale suggestion, however the Enoteca can get a bit noisy especially on the 1/2 price wine night. If it's true you can sit in the more formal (and quiet) area and get the deal double the suggestion. Also, I have found that if you contact the restaurant ahead of time for a group they can put together a special menu to meet your price needs. On the down side some people complain about the portion sizes from the standard menu (not me). Therefore, if you expect resistance from your guests you should order from the less formal Mamma's menu.

                  If you think Salt is not formal enough for your dinner I can't agree with places like Henninger's, Helen's Garden or Jack's.

              2. Ended up as a pary of four. We each had appetizer or salad and an entree and split one bottle of wine 4 ways. Service was great. Seafood was very fresh. It was a great meal. The bill came in more than $10 under our target (should have had another bottle of wine!)

                Black Olive
                814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231