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Jan 28, 2010 11:24 AM

My Kenmore dishwasher just died and I need a new one - help!

Hi everyone - my old Kenmore dishwaher just died - it popped,I smelled something burning, and it was dead. I never liked it because I find it doesn't hold a lot of glasses and it doesn't clean very well. I need a new one, and fast. I've been reading about the Bosch and the Miele, but I don't think either has heated drying. Can anyone recommend a good dishwasher and can anyone tell me about the different drying options out there? I know there is condensation drying but that sounds like wet dishes to me! And I love the idea of Fisher Pykel, but I hear they have a poor repair record. Thanks!

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  1. wincountrygirl: "I've been reading about the Bosch and the Miele, but I don't think either has heated drying."

    We have a Miele, and it has fan-assisted convection drying. Whether the air is heated or merely picks up the residual heat from the dishwasher water, I do not know, but the air venting from the dishwasher is quite warm. I have never heard of a single person who bought a Miele dishwasher and later regretted the choice.

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      Thank you. Which model do you have with that type of drying?

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        winecountrygirl, ours is the G 848, which is a discontinued model (we have had ours for several years). The current model that appears to be the closest to ours -- in fact, other than that the cycle selector is a row of pushbuttons rather than a rotatable knob as on ours, I can detect scant differences from the picture and description -- is the G 2142 SC Inspira, I see that there is a link at that site to CleanAir drying system, which appears to be what we have. One other difference: in ours, as well as the newer model, there are flip-down stemware holders are on the middle rack; you can see them on the left in the clickable link to "upgraded upper basket." But in the new model, the picture appears to show additionakl and more complex stemware grabbers on the bottom rack. We regularly wash our best crystal stemware on the middle rack in the Miele (using Ecover dishwashing detergent, which avoids phosphate etching).

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          Thank you again. What about cleaning the filters? Thanks!

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            wincountrygirl: "What about cleaning the filters?"

            We do not fully rinse our dishes before putting them in the Miele. We do throw large chunks -- chicken bones, artichoke leavings -- into the garbage before loading the dishwasher, but sauces, the occasional lemon seed, that kind of detritis, we leave on the plates and bowls. We clean out the filter by hand maybe once a month, maybe less often. Usually, there is an astonishingly small amount in there.

            Far and away the worst filter-clogging offender -- nothing else comes close -- is the glue that some processed food vendors use to attach their labels to bottles or cans. (For sanitary reasons, we run the recyclable bottles and cans through the dishwasher before putting them in the non-garbage bins for curbside recycling pick-up.) That glue can gum things up in a hurry, so after washing bottles or cans, we are more intentional about checking the floor of the dishwasher than at other times.

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              Thank you again for your thorough responses!!! I'm set on a Miele.

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                Hi Politeness - one more question. Do you have to use special detergent or can you use a regular brand like Cascade? Thanks!

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                  winecountrygirl, I apologize that I did not see your follow-up question untiil this morning. The Miele does not require a special detergent; we could use Cascade with it -- except.

                  Except that Portland (Oregon) where we live has very "soft" water. Before we learned better, we used "regular brand" detergents in our former Whirlpool dishwasher, and all of the glassware that we washed in the dishwasher ended up etched like the bowl in the attached photo. The reason was because of the chemical action of the phosphates in the detergent.

                  We switched to Ecover and ended our etching problem forever. We have never used any dishwasher detergent other than Ecover in our Miele.

                  So our use of "non-regular" dishwasher detergent is dictated by our water supply, not by the Miele dishwasher.

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                    Wow, I cannot believe how terrible the etching on that bowl is!!! I use Earth Friendly Wave dishwasher detergent for environmental reasons ... Consumer Reports says that Target's Method is the best of the 'green' brands. I'm going to try it next ...

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                      foigras: "Consumer Reports says that Target's Method is the best of the 'green' brands. I'm going to try it next ..."

                      Although I gave up on Consumer Reports years ago, your mention here caused me to check the Ratings. Unfortunately, on-line, only the ratings for liquid dishwashing soap are available and it appears that Ecover (the hand dishwashing soap that we use) is the best of the "green" brands, and (by Consumer Reports' criteria), the second best overall, also costing much less than the top rated brand. See:

                      As to dishwasher detergents, Consumer Reports makes this caution, singling out (among others) Target's Method :

                      "Judging by tests that mimicked long-time machine-washing, some products could be harsh on silver (Cascade with Extra Bleach Action powder, Great Value, Sun & Earth, and Target) or could etch fine glassware (Cascade with Extra Bleach Action powder, Finish Quantum, Method, Seventh Generation, and Simplicity)."

                      Did the Consumer Reports article have Ecover powder among the products it tested? (One reason we gave up on Consumer Reports is that more often than not, it tested only brands that we had no interest in among products that we were interested in.)

                      ConsumerSearch does not incorporate the Consumer Reports August 2009 article, and mentions only the Ecover tablets, not the powder that we use. ConsumerSearch does include a discussion Biokleen, which is locally produced in the Portland area. We use Ecover rather than Biokleen because in the container of Biokleen we tried, the powder clumped into lumps (and because the mechanical parts in our dishwasher made squeaking sounds when they moved while we were using Biokleen); we do use Biokleen laundry liquid exclusively, though.

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            I also have a Miele and love it. I bought the least expensive one,about $1200 installed. Have had it over a year.

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            sorry,i'm your first. used my new insipra G2142 6 times, then after a month away from home it wouldn't work. the Customer Care person knew the problem and suggested a remedy that "works 99 times out of a 100," but it didn't for me. The company rep said she "had no business" acknowledging the problem and proposing a solution and she would tell her not to do that again. So much for customer care. I'm waiting a week for the service call.

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              rochester: "...used my new insipra G2142 6 times, then ... it wouldn't work." That new, it sounds like it COULD be an installer problem -- or maybe not. I hope that you will post a follow-up after the service call.

              1. re: rochester

                So the company rep believes the customer care person should deny all knowledge of the issue, and refuse to share a solution that almost always works?! Great ...

                Hope the service call resolves the problem.

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                  I do hope that it was installed by a certified Miele service person, because if not I believe you are out of luck.

                  1. re: Mother of four

                    Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Yes, he was a certified MIele installer and so far my DW is working beatifully - I am thrilled with it. I hope it stays that way!

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                  Thank you very much! I find search to be hit or miss, and I admit to not trying this time!

                2. My dishwasher is a GE from 1981. I keep expecting to have to replace it, but it keeps on ticking. At one time it was leaking, I was about to replace it, and then it stopped. My plumber said he never heard of a dishwasher that leaked and then stopped! I find it amusing that my local Restore won't accept appliances more than 8 years old. I guess that means they don't want anything I have ;)

                  1. About 2 years ago my 34 year old GE dishwasher finally gave up the ghost. It was then that I discovered that my counter space was 3/4 of an inch too low for any of the American dishwashers. The only choices I had were Miele or Bosch. Based on recommendations, I bought the Miele.

                    I was used to the standard silverware basket and at first hated the top silverware shelf. Then I figured out how to use it, lay all of the forks, knives, spoons, separated, side by side. It is a snap to gather up all forks, etc... and put them in the drawer. No more fishing around in the basket. I love the Miele, it washes and dries beautifully. Of course I'm not taking any bets that it will last for 34 years - nothing does now days.

                    I'm sorry but I am away from home right now and I have no idea what kind of drying system it has, but whatever it is, I am pleased with it.

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                      I think I now have my heart set on the Miele. I am hoping it will fit in my space - by height. We have 33 and1/2- 3/4 under the counter and my cousin had the opposite problem you had. Her counter height was too low for the Miele or Bosche when it was delivered and had to go for a GE. Go figure. Do you have any issues with cleaning the filter?

                    2. Ended up with the Miele. It was installed yesterday and I love it already. My dishes are clean!! I knew they could get that way!

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                        You will love it. Now see my reply about detergent above.

                        1. re: Politeness

                          Thank you. So far I've been ok. We have very hard water here and I opted for the model with the built in softener. I washed a wine glass yesterday and it came out great. I love the utensil drawer too. BTW - you were right about the drying - everything was hot and dry and sparkly! Thanks again for your help!

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                            I had been using Jet Dry in my Bosch for a few years now. It's an expensive and not 'a green' product (I believe), so I switched to white vinegar with good results. All you need is a separate bottle with a drop of any food coloring in it, so you can see when the compartment in the dishwasher is empty.
                            Just thought I would pass it along to you in case you have spots/etching issues again.

                            1. re: mcel215

                              Thanks, mce1215. For a drying agent, we use Cascade Crystal Clear (Proctor & Gamble) instead of Jet Dry, never have tried white vinegar.

                              Our etching problem was very severe as long as we used any of the major supermarket brands of dishwasher detergent (Electra-Sol, Sunlight, Cascade, Dial ...), but disappeared in an instant when we switched to Ecover. We had thought for years that the etching was due to physical action, learned only after we switched that the problem was entirely chemical. We either never have had a spotting problem or our standards for spotting are quite tolerant. ;-)

                              1. re: Politeness

                                "never have tried white vinegar."

                                Or in this case, blue vinegar, lol!