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Jan 28, 2010 10:12 AM

Fairway-Pelham Manor opening April 5th

I read on liz johnson's blog that the Fairway in Pelham is scheduled to open on April 5th.

i am so excited. I hope traffic does not become an nightmare though since they are accross the street from BJ's.

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    1. Two words. Seriously delighted.

      I've been shopping at Fairway for many years and it's nice to finally have one close to home.
      I hope they are welcomed to the neighborhood by a throng of NEW customers.

      1. Thanks for sharing. I have the date highlighted on my calendar. Another reason to look forward to spring!

        1. Can it finally, finally, finally really be happening??? I am beyond excited.

          1. The Village of Pelham Manor Administrator told me yesterday that they're opening April 15th. Not soon enough!

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            1. re: bizzermatic

              Liz posted an update that she is now hearing April 14th or 15th also and will post again when she gets confirmation. too sad. I was so psyched for the 5th.

              1. re: rolise

                So, okay, 4/15 taxes..not good
                4/15 Fairway GOOD