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Jan 28, 2010 10:10 AM

Whole Foods Market coming to Marlboro???

I was just reading News Transcript that a shopping center has been approved for construction on Rte 9 and Rte 520. One of a few possibles that have been referenced is Whole Foods Market.

I really hope so:

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  1. I heard confirmation of this at a speech given recently by Marlboro's Mayor Hornik

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    1. re: charmel

      but another walgreens .. oy vey! ;)

      1. re: mbw1024

        Im NOT looking forward to traffic with a Costco where Regal used to be, and now they want to add a Whole Foods, too?! #FML!!!

        1. re: JonathanStrobel

          If Whole Foods goes where Pathmark was, I don't see it adding a lot of traffic after the initial burst of interest.

            1. re: eleeper

              I've heard that a Trader Joe's will be taking the Pathmark space. As Jonathan said, Whole Foods will be across the road near the PNC Bank, on the corner of 9 South & 520.


              Trader Joe's
              725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

              1. re: RGR

                Where did you hear that Trader Joe's was taking over the Pathmark space?

                Trader Joe's
                725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

                1. re: RGR

                  The LOGICAL way to go would be to put Whole Foods where Pathmark was and Put trader joes in a smaller area...

                  1. re: JonathanStrobel

                    Well, I found out yesterday what's going where Pathmark was, and sad to say, it's NOT Trader Joe's.. or even food related. It's "Hobby Lobby" and my wife nearly came out of her skin with joy last night (there is work being performed at the Pathmark store.. we were dining at Jerry & Harvey's for my wife's birthday and asked the waitress).

                    This fact is confirmed on their website.


                    1. re: MarlboroMan

                      I was driving by there and was wondering about the old Pathmark. I noticed that there are 3 buildings being built across the street. Do you know what the the other 2 buildings going to be?

                      1. re: wench31

                        I know one of them is going to be a Walgreen's.. you know, to compete with the CVS up the road. Funny how often I see a Walgreen's adjacent to a CVS.

                      2. re: MarlboroMan

                        What a dissapointment! I don't need any other hobbies except for cooking and eating. What a shame. Thanks for the info, I think and Happy Birthday to your wife!

          1. I live very close to the proposed development, and I must admit, I have mixed feelings. While a Whole Foods market in Marlboro "makes sense" on paper, I question that location, but I guess the board already made up their minds. (Keep in mind, there's a Pathmark across the street, and a World Class Shoprite about a half mile south of that).

            While we love Whole Foods, I'm not sure I want one within a mile of my home. Too much temptation. :)

            1. as a friend recently pointed out, whole foods=whole paycheck. i am excited about the possibility of a whole foods nearby, but i am also a little nervous

              1. Now all we need is Trader Joes!

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                1. re: wench31

                  Building a new shopping center while a perfectly good space near rt 18 and 79 goes empty seems like a waste. But I do love some of the things at Whole Foods and this is a lot closer than going towards Red Bank and Middletown,

                2. I heard that Costco was coming to Route 9 and 520