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Jan 28, 2010 10:07 AM

Edmonton- The Pint

I'd wanted to visit the pints for months before I got in the door. Just off Japser on 109th Ave a new pub/bar popped up to replace the seedy Fox and the Hound. I headed in to The Pint after a volleyball game with some of my teammates. The first thing I noticed is that, while too big for a true pub, it still kept it's old pub qualities, despite being updated and renovated. There's a large main area that's more of a bar, but lots of tables and a couple of little side rooms that can almost make you believe that you're in a tiny establishment.
The service was excellent. I don't know the name of our server, but she was prompt, curtious, and quick with our orders. The drinks were, drinks. You won't find anything special on tap there, though. It's your standard line-up of Rickards, Labatt, Molson, Grasshopper, Guiness, Stella, and a couple of others. I stuck with my traditional Guiness ($7), which was brought to me cold and well poured. I got a chance to sample their onion rings, which were alright, and their fries, which were excellent.
The style of this pub makes it a place you want to go back to again. The service ensures you'll go back there again. Just make no mistake, this is not a quiet pub. On a Wednesday evening, the place was packed. We had to wait for a table, and only barely managed to snag one. Apparently on the weekends you can expect an hour long wait just to get in. It's a semi-trendy downtowner, mixed 20's crowd with smatterings of other age groups. All in all, a very popular place, and it's got that reputation for a reason.

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  1. When I went they were doing some samples of a new microbrewery in town (One of the guys from Maverick).

    AND the deep fried pickles are a religious experience and the mini beef wellingtons in yorkshire puddings are pretty tasty.

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      I do enjoy the Pint. The deep fried pickles are good, the mini yorkshires are awesome and a great price at Happy Hour. The Smoked Meat Burger was also a good dish.

    2. The fried pickles are great.

      The wing sauces I find to be inconsistent, as if it depends who is working that day. Having 40 varieties is a good novelty because I almost enjoy the lottery aspect of it.

      Their burgers are very good, probably second only to Hudson's around town. Their battered fries are unusual, not quite to my liking, but I can see why they are popular. Something different at least.

      Their beer selection doesn't blow me away, but they do have a couple uncommon drinkable beers on tap, like Newcastle and Pepperberry.

      It's my first choice for a pub downtown, and the fact that it is always packed depsite being huge does not surprise me.