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Jan 28, 2010 10:03 AM

Best grocery store cake (Alexandria-Springfield area)?

I want to get a medium-to-largish carrot cake for Mr. Arkham's birthday on Saturday, but we've both been too busy to plan ahead. We don't want to spend a ton of money, either. Is there such a thing as a grocery store cake that's better than any other grocery store cake?

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  1. Are you a Costco shopper? I've found those to be pretty good. You can preorder for personalized messages but they have non-personalized versions on hand in various flavors.

    1. The Costco carrot cake with apricot filling is delicious. It is much better than the other sheet cakes at Costco. The Great American chocolate cake is also fabulous but it is not a sheet cake.

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        Thanks guys! I'm not a Costco member, but I might be able to convince a friend to take me...

        1. re: beanodc

          last time I had a costco carrot cake I thought I was going to go in to a sugar coma.
          It was so sweet, no one in the office could eat it.

          The best carrot cake I've had from a grocery store is from Eukrops (sp?)- a coworker brings them in. they're amazing.

          1. re: Jeserf

            Ukrop's- a Richmond-based supermarket chain. Closed Sundays.
            I miss their fried chicken ;-(

        2. This may be too late but I had some Carrot cake at the Chicken Out restaurant recently and it was quite good. Got some after the women in line in front of me enthused over it. They have several whole cakes in the case at any one time and I am sure they would sell you a whole one. I go to the Chicken Out on South Washington across from Balduccis.

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            Both the chocolate and carrot cakes are very good there and they will sell whole cakes, but the whole ones cost about $50. I think price is an object for the OP.

          2. I agree about Costco. But he more "upscale" cakes (not sheet cakes) at Shoppers and Giant are very nice indeed. The Shoppers bakery makes some pretty decent items.

            1. I haven't had the Costco carrot cake but I like their regular layer cakes. Whole Foods has a delicious carrot cake but it is pricey.