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Jan 28, 2010 10:01 AM

Dining Near Ikea

I'm making the trip to Brooklyn on Saturday to go to Ikea. I'm driving from Manhattan to Brooklyn with the bf so I thought some food in the area would be a nice surprise for him--he is coming to Ikea with me : ) We will probably be dining between 3-5pm. Late lunch or early dinner, depends on how the day flows. We will be coming from Bridgeview Raquet Club at 9000 Bay Parkway if this helps.

Please do not suggest eating at Ikea. We love to eat so I want something delicious. It doesn't need to be fancy just good food at good price. Max $100, less is better. I would even go to a take out place if it was worth it.

Thanks for your help CH!!

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  1. The Red Hook area has a few very good restaurants and bars. I have been to O'Barone and Good Fork, both of which are quite good. Fort Defiance is an excellent cocktail bar with a small but good selection of small plates and entrees.

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    1. re: boccalupo

      The Good Fork doesn't open until 5:30, and O'Barone opens at 5...

      1. re: okaygo

        Good catch. Thanks. I missed the late lunch/early dinner part. Fort Defiance is open for lunch though as is Hope and Anchor. A bit further away you could hit Frankie's Spuntino which serves lunch 'til 4pm.

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          I enjoyed Fort Defiance for cocktails one evening, but found the brunch to be overpriced, portions small with lackadaisical service.

          For 3-5 p.m. in Red Hook:
          No real place to sit, but great sandwiches at Defonte's (roast beef, mozzarella and fried eggplant). Also, pub food and fresh Six Point beer at Rocky Sullivan's. Also, have heard good things about Kevin's, but have not been.

          1. re: jdf

            Da Fonte's is great, but better check their closing time before heading there - it might be a better place to eat before, rather than after hitting IKEAs, especially if you are expecting to park a car full of visible stuff on the street. Might also drop by Baked for for that matter Steve's Key Lime Pie for some sweet treats after.

            1. re: jen kalb

              DeFonte's closes at 4pm and is not open on Sunday.

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              I agree on your estimation of the service jdf, but my brunch was actually too big to finish: 2 biscuits (with very good gravy), nice (seemed like two) scrambled eggs and a large pc. of fried chicken breast.... My friend ate the chicken, with her bacon and eggs....w/ one coffee and one hot chocolate - $26 seemed reasonable to me, considering the quality of the food.

      2. It's not in red hook, but whenever I drive to Ikea I stop by Ba Xuyen for the best Banh Mi in the 5 boroughs. On a nice day, you can eat it outside somewhere in red hook (fairway cafe ?), or greedily gobble up those suckers in your car.
        Delicious, and cheap.

        Ba Xuyen
        4222 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

        1. That's a tough time frame, as the nicer places will be closed between brunch and dinner service. Hope & Anchor will probably be open, for a decent enough brunch or burger. If you can wait until 5:00, head over to Buttermilk Channel. Not technically in Red Hook but just on the other side of the tunnel entrance.

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          1. re: chorosch

            i hear buttermilk channel and fort defiance are both good. i was thinking of maybe going to motorinos or di fara's. i've been to grimaldi's. hmm...

            1. re: mch

              oh, but neither one of those places is remotely near IKEA... I thought you wanted something near the store?

              1. re: chorosch

                i have a car so it doesn't need to be super close. i'm trying to think of what is bk that i can get to easily while at ikea.

                1. re: mch

                  I have no idea what places are easy to get to by car. But if you are looking for interesting places in Brooklyn that serve food all day on Saturday and are known for their pizza, you might consider Roberta's and Franny's (as well as Motorino which you mentioned).

                  DiFara makes fine pizza, but is not a pleasant dining experience. It can be fun if you are in the right frame of mind. A serious hassle if you are not.

              2. re: mch

                Di Fara's isn't really a sit-down. Motorino is in Williamsburgh & not near the store at all. Good Fork is very good and Ft Defiance gets good press. But to take advantage of your car and the time you are looking at, I'd advise Buttermilk Channel--it gets PACKED every night and this way you can slide in just as it opens. Time Out readers rated it best new Brooklyn resto last year. Try the duck meatloaf and the kale salad.

            2. If you can wait until 530, you should definitely try to go to the Good Fork. Really good. It's a real treat. Best in Red Hook IMO. The 3-5pm timeframe, as others pointed out, is the downtime usually before dinner service.

              1. Coming from Bay Ridge, you could definitely stop in sunset park on the way and have some latin/asian food (tacos matamoros or pacificana for dim sum) or go down 5th avenue or smith street for brunch at one of the many places you can find searching the outer boroughs board...