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Jan 28, 2010 09:57 AM

Quaint little eatery in Port Clinton, Ohio

Discovered a quaint little local eatery, Coffee Express, on West 2nd Street in Port Clinton, OH. They have delicious homemade soups & sandwiches as well as gourmet coffee and homemade desserts. What a pleasant surprise in a small town!

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  1. Thanks for the good word. I go through there all the time, and it's often been hard to find decent food.

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      Yes- I agree. Coffee Express is right across the street from the Port Clinton Post Office. Do try it out.- we were totally impressed.

    2. Never been to Coffee Express, but I still have fond childhood memories of the tapioca pudding at Underwoods.

      1. Being a newly sort of transplanted part time summer resident of Pt Clinton, I've had to scout out the area and find good eating areas. Not easy. Found five more quaint little places with GOOD food. By the way, Bassett's Market on the corner of Rt 163/Rt 53 is a great supermarket - they have great sushi - even better than what we can find at home in northeast Ohio.

        The first is LaHabana, a Cuban restaurant, in Marblehead on the main drag. They are only open in the summers for the most part. The menu is limited, cash only, but very good food from what we've had.

        The second is Lagoon Saloon on Nugent's Canal. They have great pizzas & homemade egg rolls (the owner's mother in law is Korean). Lagoon Saloon is located on the Portage River and has dockage for boaters & jet skiers. My kids wouldn't like this place unless it was summer with outdoor seating b/c the atmosphere is bar-like.

        The third is Bell Mell Tavern. An article in the Catawba Island Magazine led me there to try the Pizzabellas which are thin pizzas made from lavash bread. We usually get take out from there - it is not a place for kids with the bar like atmosphere.

        The fourth is Jolly Roger - they have very good walleye & perch sandwiches. It is my husband's ultimate favorite. Seasonal restaurant, also, and they are closed for the winter. I saw a plague on the wall where they won an award from Coastal Living a few years back.

        The fifth is Captain's Corner on Kelley's Island. They have a mediterranean platter that is good to have with beers. Not bad for a sparsely populated island.

        We've eaten at many other places but they aren't chow-worthy to write home about. I am hoping to try the Goat on Put in Bay in the spring when they open up. They were closed already for the season when we docked at PIB early October - apparently they have great perch tacos.

        Bell Mell Tavern
        307 Fulton St, Port Clinton, OH 43452

        Bassett's Market
        228 W Main St, Bellevue, OH 44811