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Jan 28, 2010 09:31 AM

What's your favorite food mag?

What do you subscribe to, and why? I happen to really like Food & Wine, but I keep seeing Bon Appetite mentioned...

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  1. I like Vegetarian Times. I've been getting it for a while and I save the issues. Every issue has a column with recipes that can be frozen or prepared ahead or have shortcuts or are truly 15 minute recipes. Sometimes they have "guest chefs" from famous vegetarian restuarants.

    Seasonal food and very interesting recipes. It's not a very hippie magazine either- just real food and vegetarian. I find that most of the ingredients involved are ones that I can easily find kosher in local supermarkets. My copies are so marked up from all the recipes I've made.

    I ordered Food and Wine recently, but haven't gotten the first issue. Also, I like Real Simple's recipes.

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      Oh, good one! I used to read this when I was vegan.

    2. First, I have to say I do not care for Food & Wine. Too many advertisements for my liking.

      My absolute favorite is Cuisine at Home. I've been receiving it since its inaugural edition. It's well researched, advertisement-free, and full of genuinely useful advice. It is both gourmet and homestyle cooking that isn't snooty, and honestly tells which shortcuts are worth it and which are not.

      I also love Cooks Illustrated. The amount of testing and research they do on their recipes gives me confidence that whatever I'm making will be good. And, so far, it always has been.

      1. There are already numerous posts on this subject. A quick search will give you hundreds of answers to this exact question.

        1. There might be numerous posts on this subject, but it's nice to have a fresher version.

          Well after Gourmet closed it doors I was wondering what I could find to fill the void and while in NY last October I found a new magazine called The Food Magazine ( and I have to say for a new magazine it show lots of promise.

          There is a magazine from Canada called Clean Eating that I like

          And SAVEUR is another favorite

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            +1 on Saveur. Also like (and subscribe) to Cook's Illustrated. And I adore Cucina Italia - total food porn!

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              The Food Magazine and it's 'editor' apparently have some issues(no pun intended).

              A couple of months ago a buddy sent me this link:

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                WOW ~ Thanks for that link, so right she does have some issues!!

                I can not suport a person like that, how childish.

                Oh yes, Niki I do love Cucina Italia also!