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Jan 28, 2010 09:09 AM

Valentine's Day - no reservation yet, where to go?

My husband and I haven't made Valentine's Day plans yet. We aren't looking for anything super fancy (particularly because I recently lost my job) -- just a decently nice place with good food and wine. We aren't particularly adventurous and tend to like Italian and American the best. I'm not a huge fan of special Valentine's Day menus -- I would much prefer to be able to order from the full menu instead of going to a place that is only offering prix fixe options.

Can you recommend good places that may still have reservations or that would take walk-ins without too much of a wait? Preferably downtown (we live in the West Village).


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  1. i've never understood why people insist on going out to dinner for Valentine's Day. it's the busiest night of the year for restaurants, and typically a disappointment, even more so if you compare the experience to dining at the same restaurant on a "regular" night.

    since money is particularly tight right now, why not make it an intimate evening at home? sit down with your husband and look through cookbooks, magazines or food blogs to find recipes that appeal to both of you, and create a menu that you'll enjoy shopping for, preparing and eating together. you'll also save quite a bit on the wine since you won't have to pay a restaurant markup.

    but if you really want to eat out, try you can sort the results by price, cuisine and neighborhood to narrow down the available options.

    1. I made and later canceled reservations at Balthazar for the simple fact that they were using their regular menu - not sure if they still have seatings though.

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        What is wrong with having their regular menu?

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          reading back, it sounds bad - I made the reservation because it was the regular menu and not a special menu - I later canceled for other reasons.

      2. We made reservation at the recently opened Danny Meyer addition an Italian trattoria, Maialino:

        However, we like to go either a few days before and/or after St. Vals Day.

        Not sure if this is within your budget, however, as a poster mentioned Open Table is a good source to look into.