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Jan 28, 2010 09:02 AM

Anyone tried growing oyster mushrooms with a mushroom log kit?

It's dead of winter I know but I'm thinking of spring & things I can grow in my little backyard. So I was turned on to the idea growing mushrooms on a log with one of those kits which provide the spores. Has anyone tried this? Does it end up gourmet for the raccoons? I have a screened firepit I could put the logs in to protect from critters but raccoons are wiley. Anyway, is the taste worth it?

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  1. Years ago, I was given a mushroom log kit but it was for growing indoors. As I recall, the log was dampened, covered with mushroom spores (?) and enclosed in a plastic bag until the sprouting began. We needed to keep it damp for as long as it was producing. Mushrooms grew like crazy and I harvested them for weeks. It was fun to watch but I don't remember being knocked into the next county by the flavor. I've never done this again but will admit to liking the convenience of having fresh mushrooms avaialable whenever I wanted them.

    I'm sorry that I cannot speak to growing them outdoors; indoors worked very well.

    1. What you want right now is an "Expresso Oyster" kit. Get a 5 gal. bucket, fill it with Starbucks Coffee Grounds, add mushroom kit... approx 2 weeks later you have mushrooms. When it gets warm, you can plant the remains from that in the garden. Fungi Perfecti is the best place to purchase all forms of mycellium. I grew one of their Shitake kits, and one of the Shitakes was bigger than an average Portabello! When it was played out, i planted it outside and it grew some mushrooms next spring. I also tried their Garden Giant, but some Apsen Chips I got from a nursery were infected with a strange mycellium that took over, and the Ginats never grew, or fruited. The strange Mushroom looked like globs of pancake batter.. yuck.

      And if the Racoons eat the fruiting mycellia, so be it. At least you have a mycellium network in your garden and thats the most important thing.
      Fungi perfecti also carries a strain of Oyster Muschroom that will decompose aromatic hydrocarbons {an oil spill}. It can "eat" 95% of the hydrocarbon.. AND the mushroom is perfectly edible.

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        sounds like you had a case of dog vomit slime mold. I kid you not:

        It can be pinkish, almost white, sickening's is truly disgusting.

        And regarding the mushrooms, I've been wanting to try oyster mushrooms too. I did shitake last time, and found it fun and easy. You really do have to mist/water it several times a day, and I lost mine after going on vacation...once a day watering from my pet sitter was not enough.

        1. re: lisa13

          I tried both shiitake and oyster mushroom logs. Had decent harvests from both, but had I spent the equivalent amount of money on mushrooms from the store I would have gotten a lot more than I ultimately harvested.