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Jan 28, 2010 08:18 AM

Old Vegas ambience off strip for older couple

We know and appreciate great food, but also love Old Vegas kitsch even if the food isn't so great.

Three nights next month. Our first two dinners will be at Golden Steer Steakhouse and at Pierre Gagnaire's TWIST at Mandarin Oriental (see what I mean?).

For Valentine's Evening, we're looking for an old school spot with the following criteria in order of importance: Quiet, Decent food, great service, off-Strip, been around a long time.

So far I've come up with Piero's and Pamplemousse. Others? Thanks.

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  1. By "off strip" would that imply avoiding the downtown casino area as well? If not, Hugo's Cellar (Four Queens) would be a possible fit.

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    1. re: QAW

      Downtown's OK. Could you tell me a little more about this place?

      1. re: mcgrath

        Pure "old school" from a service standpoint, which is getting harder and harder to find - they make it very cozy to spend an evening of leisurely dining. The food also holds its own across the Steak-Seafood-Continental spectrum, and would actually create an interesting contrast with TWIST - this is a place that still has dishes like Beef Wellington, Chateubriand for Two, Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee on the menu.

        1. re: QAW

          Are women still given a rose at Hugo's? Talk about old-school! Every night was Valentine's Day at Hugo's.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Yes they are. On stag nights we have complained of this as discrimination, to no avail. Although at least they refuse with a smile.

            1. re: QAW

              Yes! Yes! Yes! I saw the title of the post and logged on to say HUGO'S CELLAR - IT WILL BE PERFECT FOR YOU! fantastic!

    2. Piero's for Italian (obviously) - the stone crab and the osso bucco is legendary. Start at the bar for a cocktail and proceed to your table gracefully. As scene in major motion pictures, but the kitchen is rock solid.

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      1. re: fadedfoodie

        Agree with Piero's; and I think that Hugo's is crap.

        1. GOLDEN STEER
          Nothing about this joint is as good as it was years ago (or even five years ago), but when you’ve been open for 52 years, respect should be paid. The ghosts of the Rat Pack still haunt this place, and it’s a hoot to tuck into Sammy or Dino’s tuck and roll booth and then into a sirloin. And if you listen carefully, you can almost hear “Beyond The Sea” playing amidst the tinkling of highball glasses and whiffs of cigarette smoke.

          And it is really off strip, though by a couple of blocks.
          308 W. Sahara Ave.,

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          1. re: shamu613

            Thanks for the reassurance. We're taking a 67 year old local there who's never been along with, get this, his 85 year old mother. Can't wait.

            BTW, my wife nixed any kind of similar place for Valentine's evening, so we'll have to try Hugo's Cellar on our next trip, and will. Also, that Joe's Italian place looks fun too. And of course Piero's is on our list for next time too. Thanks for all the suggestions; I want to try these places before they (or I) fade into the sunset.

            For Valentine's, we'll be at the Swan Court at Aureole.

            1. re: mcgrath

              One of my favorite old-style Vegas restaurants is the café at Binion's Golden Horseshoe. The late-night/early-morning steak and eggs special is just that: special. Ambiance is typical old-style diner, hash is slung 24 hours a day, and it's always on the agenda when I go to Las Vegas. Give it a try.

          2. while it is a casino, Jerry's Nugget cafe has some of the best tasting prime rib I;ve ever had. It's far from the strip and is really old school vegas. It's very well priced and is pretty quiet. It's a true local spot.

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            1. re: dolere

              Totally agree. Best late night dining place in town. And probably the only coffee shop in all of the Vegas valley that still fits the old time image of a casino coffee shop. Anything on the menu 24 hours a day.