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Jan 28, 2010 07:00 AM

Catering recommendations for Severna Park/Millersville/Glen Burnie/Crofton area

Hi. I am having a family get-together of about 30-40 to celebrate a church event in April.

I am at the crossroads of the above neighborhoods in SP. OF course, Arnold and Annapolis are nearby, and so is Baltimore.

We are casual types and we are from a part of Queens where every half-block yields another country's' food, so we'd consider any cuisine.

When our older sons had their events, we did Three Brothers of Glen Burnie and they were great. This year we can afford a bit more.

I had read on a NJ board a suggestion to have a culinary school group cater. That sounds great, but I can't find any easily around here.

I would also consider going out but I'd rather cater in.
Having to do nothing would be nice, but us picking up or accepting a deliver-&-run setup is cool too.

Any suggestions? THANKS!

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  1. When a friend of mine in SP used to have parties catered at her house, she always used Classic Catering out of Baltimore. They did a pretty good job -- pass-around canapes, and a small buffet. Not sure of their price or website, but I'm sure Google can help out.

    1. From a catering stand point the major ones in Annapolis would travel to your home. Ken's Creative Kitchen, Palate Pleasers, and Main Ingredient. Kerri Out in SP also does catering or you can buy the food pre made and heat then serve yourself. With most of these companies the price really depends on what you want to serve. My preference is Ken's. There are some smaller operations in the area and Google/Yellow Pages might be the best bet to find them. Good luck and have a fun party.