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Jan 28, 2010 06:37 AM

Butchers/best meat in Edmonton? Specific ethnic style meat preparation or items?

Can't seem to find posts for sourcing 1) good butchers, 2) best quality of meats available in town, 3) butchers who know how to prepare specific ethnic specialty cuts, 4) shops that have specialty ethnic meat preparations like dried Spanish Chorizo, German dried sausages, French or Quebecois sausages, good chinese style BBQ pork and so on...! Please, discuss! Any gleanings will be more than appreciated, thanks!

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  1. We like Buffalo Valley Variety Meats at Whitemud Crossing. Consistly excellent bison, elk, musk ox, caibou etc as well as exotics like ostrich, kangaroo etc.

    We like Butcher Block in Sherwood Park for excellent local lamb, pork, veal chicken and beef. He is dry agin meat (wahoo!). H ereally has great product including Greens Eggs and Ham duck and goose product (excellent local products) including duck eggs and duck fat etc. I like their english meat pies (like Melton Mobray etc) and other english non meat products. He does do "ethnic" cuts like very thin for stirfry pork or bulgogi beef

    There is also a korean store on 99th street to get really good (but frozen) bulgogi cut meat. Excellent for lots of theings other than bulgogi.

    That is my 2.5 cents

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      The other two to add to the list are:
      Victoria Sausage which does Dutch-style sausages and just great smoked meats. I only ever use their triple smoked ham for jambalaya or their bacon for coq au vin.

      A few blocks down, at the Portugues Bakery one can find a good selection of sausages like corizo and linguiza (sp?) and other Portuguese and Spanish goods like really smokey paprika. Also have salt cod (although I have never had any desire to cook it).

    2. How could I forget K&K Foodliner on White Ave for all sorts of german cuts and smoked meats...or Budapest Deli for,as the name suggests, central Europeon cuts and smoked meat., and El Safadi for Halal and Andy's IGA for Kosher, heck that's enough for now....

      1. I say this every time it comes up - Acme meats is the best. I admit I haven't tried every independent butcher in town, but of the 5 or so I have tried I think it's head and shoulders above the others.

        I have not been to Butcher Block but it is on my todo list. Sherwood Park is just so far away.

        foodiesnorth's suggestion of Budapest Deli is very good. Very traditional cured meats here, excellent Hungarian salami and smaller dry sausages (forget their name). Their ham is also top notch. Although it doesn't have the same variety as the Italian Centre, it's my favourite source for dry sausages in town.

        1. Thank you all for the suggestions! I often am reminded that there is more to Edmonton than meets the eye. You just have to know about it, hear about it, or stop when you see it going by, or else you'll miss it. Oh, and it's rarely anything to do with Downtown!

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            Ben's meats on Stoney Plain is also a Dutch (I think!) place, they have different cheeses and meats, including a cured horsemeat....which old men with European accents seem to order when I am there. may have to get a sample one time.

          2. Let me second Ben's Meats on Stony Plain Road.

            Just picked up some veal shanks yesterday, had the best beef ribs from Dave, as well as some real good inhouse made sausage.