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Jan 28, 2010 06:34 AM

"Maritime" style pizza - willing to go anywhere!

Since my husband and I moved to Toronto we have been desparately searching for pizza like you can get in Halifax - medium thick crust, lots of sauce and cheese and lots of toppings on top of the cheese - we've tried all of the usual suspects recommended here - west end and east end and nothing comes close! currently ordering from danforth pizza house as it's the best we could find, but find they overcook the pizza, but seems like people here like pizza with a bit of char and the cheese browned....just wondering - come from a family that ran pizzerias in NS - should I be changing careers and opening a place to satisfy my craving!

have been making it at home, but nothing lwould like to have it made for me sometimes!

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  1. Maritimes pizza is Lebanese-run pizzeria pizza. It's not much sought after, because, quite frankly, most people would consider it to be pretty bad pizza -- the slices are what most people would consider too large, too doughy, and too overdressed. That's no criticism of you: I lived in the Maritimes for years, and I get the comfort-value attraction, so I like it. My main point is that you're having trouble finding it because there isn't a much of a foodie or even non-foodie market for it in Toronto.

    I suggest trying to find a Shawarma & Pizza shop, or just a Lebanese run pizzeria. I haven't been, but you could try Pizza Rama at Bloor and Shaw. Other potential candidates are King Slice or King David Pizza.

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      As another thread recently pointed out, Pizza Rama closed years ago.

    2. I had a slice at The Real McCoy last night and, although it's hard to tell from a reheated slice, it fits your description. Except for the "lots of sauce" part, that slice was almost without sauce.

      I wouldn't make a special trip out there, but if you were in the neghbourhood you could get one for takeout just to see what it's like. They don't have any kind of seating arrangements there so takeout is it if you plan to get a whole pie.

      Real McCoy Burgers & Pizza
      1033 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1H2Y5, CA

      1. I think this is the place you're looking for:

        It's in Milton. I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard pretty solid reviews from respectable sources.

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          Beat me to it, was just about to come and post the same thing

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            thanks for the recommendations! have contacted our halifax friends and we will driving to milton this week-end for pizza and DONAIRS! haven't had one of those in years....probably something one should only have every few years.

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              This sounds like montreal style pizza to me - went to university there and really miss that style of pizza - find Khadija's comments funny as almost like saying Torontonians don't like pizza with lots of toppings, cheese and sauce., guess we like it dry, spartan and overcooked!