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Jan 28, 2010 05:27 AM

Last Restaurant Standing-Jan 26 spoilers

Have to say I was very surprised to see the result. It's understandable, but still a shame. The restaurant with the best service and food for the second week in a row is out. I feel very sorry for Barry. He seemed to get the short end of the stick because his partner couldn't handle not having his army buddies around. Some of the other teams should certainly thanks Badger for his issues because that's the only way that they are able to stay in this week.

Glad to see the blond couple doing well. Hope they can keep it up.

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  1. I agree, the result was understandable but a shame. I do wonder though if Badger would be able to stick it out through other stressful situations during the competition, without the support of his buddies. It seems to me that the husband and wife couple may be the ones to beat at this point, unless Chris and Nathan can step up their front of house service. I do hope JJ and James are the next to go.

    1. I was really surprised at Badger's attitude. I might be wrong, but wasn't HE the one that initiated their entrance into the competition? I'm sure that after 22 years in the military he is now out of his comfort zone, but he should be quite good at carrying on the mission when he is uncomfortable.

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        That was my thoughts exactly. Doesn't the army generally train their soldiers to think on their feet and to cope with unexpected problems that may crop up?

        I felt bad for both of them. For someone with no restaurant experience Barney seems a natural at the front of the house, and of course Badger who seemed to be a very solid chef apart from his mishap with the beef broth reduction in the very first episode

      2. I couldnt help thinking that there waas more to the story than we were shown.
        Badger was sooo keen in the first 2 episodes...I just don't get it!

        I still thik Chris and Nathan are the ones to beat - I do think they will get it together.

        1. PS
          I guess there aren't allot of LRS fans this year. (not too many posts about it)

          1. I am still a fan! I agree with other posts that it is sad that Barney and Badger couldn't continue because they were certainly the team to beat. I too wish that JJ and James will be the next to go. I had enough of them when one of them winked several times at Raymong during the first episode. However, Raymond seems to be enchanted with their business experience. The women who are cooking the bland, westernized Nigerien food, seem to lack a clear concept and focus. Why the need to westernize any type of food? When you are trying to introduce it to the masses, it should be flavorful and authentic enough to make patrons curious enough to want to try even more.