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Jan 28, 2010 05:07 AM

Charlie's Steakhouse

Has anyone been since they have reopened? It was on my list for two years but they were slow in reopening and we never made it. I see they are now open. Is it as good as it was?

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    1. We have eaten at Charlies quite a few times and have always enjoyed it. The best time we had there we sat and ate at the bar. You can get the full dining room menu there, and their bartender Larry is one of the most entertaining, old-school bartenders in this town.

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        it is still very good although not as inexpensive as it once was! it is what it is, huge portions of steak, huge salads with too much blue cheese, and excellent potatoe's and onion rings! it is still old school and it is very close to what it was before the storm. i have been twice since they reopened. once i was very intoxicated. not out of control or anything i was just happy drunk and the food made me happier drunk....second time was still very good. i will be back and you should return as well!