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Jan 28, 2010 03:51 AM

Best store brand milk

I just tried a Giant organic brand milk and it was really bad, tasteless. I rarely buy milk from conventional store but do it out of convenience. What is your favorite?

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  1. Anything that's in a carton and not a plastic container.

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        To me the milk tastes off. I like the taste of milk from either a carton or a bottle, but the bottles are a PITA. Plastic containers seem to impart a chemical flavor but YMMV

    1. Mountainside Farms. It's not organic, but it is advertised as "no hormones, no antibiotics," and also "ultrapure," whatever that means. It stays fresh for a long time, and it's cheaper than Horizon or Stonyfield.

      1. Hood, Garelick Farms, Oakhurst

        (Might not be able to find these outside of New England)

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          re: joth68
          Hood and Gerelick Farms are familiar here in the Capial District of NY and are good. Also the Stewart products are of equal quality and consistantly so., Stewart being a regional neighborhood sort of store. Dairy is their strong point from my point of view though now gasoline pumps get the focus.

        2. I've had milk that tasted like dirt.

          1. I don't drink milk, however, my family only likes Safeway brand.