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Jan 28, 2010 03:23 AM

Pita Express in Flat Rock, NC

I just read about Pita Express Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Just opened in the former Doughboys' Donut location. Let us know if/when you go there.

    1. A friend of mine has eaten their food a couple of times at catered events and when they were at BRCC and said it was very good. She is on their email list and got a copy of their menu. Looks like good prices and something for everyone. the file was .pdf. I've split it up and tried to save as .jpg so they will load. hopefully, you can read it. it's kind of small print and I'm not sure if you can enlarge it...

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        sorry, that's REALLY tiny. does anyone know how to make it bigger???

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          Right now they are open only Mon-Fri 0600-1400 but they may open for dinner later. Phone is 828-696-9818. They are doing quite well, a couple of days ago the line for the lunch time crowd went out the door.

      2. Not a first hand account, but my mom and sister ate here yesterday (partially because I bugged them to try it). They both had gyros and said they were delicious, "the best in the area". They also said it was packed, so I think it's very promising. I'll definitely give it a try next time I'm in H'ville.

        1. Had a good lunch here today. I got the falafel plate which came with a side green salad and a dressed tomato/cucumber salad ($5.29). I did ask for a side of taziki sauce which I like with falafel. My friend and my husband got the gyro combo ($6.29) which they both said was really good (it looked good!). Came with a side green salad (my husband got french fries, not Middle Eastern, but he likes them! haha). Got three desserts to go - baklava, a shortbread stuffed with date puree (ma'amoul), and a moist coconut bar (can't remember the name - something like "namora"). I liked the coconut square a lot - had a hint of rose water flavor, but didn't care for the ma'amoul. It was not very sweet. So, someone who doesn't like sweet desserts might really like it (my friend liked it, so I gave it to her). Saw a couple tables having the Arabian pizza and it looked really good. One girl commented it was "to die for"!

          Service was good. Food came out quickly and everyone was very friendly. It was busy, but not slammed. Lots of take out orders. Pricing was decent with most stuff in the $4.50 - $6.50 range. It's a small place, maybe 10 tables and very casual (order at the counter, then they'll bring your food over). Was chilly in there today, but I like it cold, so it didn't bother me.

          For the non-Middle Eastern lover, they do burgers and other sandwiches. They also serve an American breakfast (have not heard anything about the breakfast).

          We liked it for a very casual lunch (or to go orders). We'll be back.