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Jan 28, 2010 01:00 AM

Frozen Pearl Onions . . . Where?

Does anyone know where to find frozen pearl onions? Peeling the fresh ones is such a chore. I can get them in California but I've never seen them in Quebec stores. My local Metro (CDN) certainly doesn't have them.

Much appreciated in advance.

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  1. Ha! That Metro doesn't have ANYthing! (It's my Metro too, I feel your pain.)
    I do know that the Metro on Queen Mary (near Snowdon metro station) has more things, as do ExoFruits and Le Marché du Village, but I don't know about the onions, sorry.

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      I must have seen you around a million times, then, without knowing it! I know, that Metro is pathetic. I suppose I could try the Snowdon Metro . . . or maybe the Van Horne IGA. But Exo doesn't seem to have many frozen vegetables, though it's worth looking into next time I go!

      Maybe Loblaw, but I never go there . . .


      1. re: tonbo0422

        «Exo doesn't seem to have many frozen vegetables»

        True but they do have a few, including some great oddballs like artichoke hearts. Don't recall seeing frozen pearl onions though. You could always try asking the store's management to stock them; it's the kind of off-the-beaten-path, gourmetish item they incline to and FPOs would have a long shelf-life, too.

    2. I know this is not your question, but they are a lot easier ti peel if you blanch them first, then you just squeeze them and the inside will fly out and you are left holding the peel. Frozen would still be easier

      1. If you find them in Montreal area let me know as also looking

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          What a marvelous notion. Trying to peel those little suckers actually does make me cry. I will be checking back frequently to see if anyone has located the frozen version.

        2. It's a bit after the fact but, I just picked up lovely frozen pearl onions at my IGA. That's the good news, the maybe not so good news, is that I live in St. Lazare and the local, lovely, IGA here has them. They are in a frozen meat section near the bakery.

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          1. re: eatwell

            Ding! That's great news, as I'm often on the lookout for frozen pearl onions and I never seem to find them. I'll check my local IGA this weekend.

            Question: were the frozen ones already peeled? I would hope so, as otherwise there's not much point in choosing them over fresh.

            1. re: blork

              agreed, yes these were peeled. They were just in a deli package and I am wondering if perhaps they just had some left over from something they were making in abundance in the deli. There were quite a few packages. I have never seen them here before. We are so fortunate to have such a very nice store in St. Lazare.

              1. re: eatwell

                St. Lazare . . . yes! Isn't Voyager 1 supposed to reach St. Lazare around mid-summer, 2013? (We come in peace! Signed by Richard Nixon!)

                Just kidding. But get that manager to please contact his Montreal stores and have them stock these dang things. I'm not averse to peeling 50 tiny onions per se, but I can think of better things to do. Like get on a spacecraft to St. Lazare.

          2. Just noticed that Aubut's online catalogue lists them. Two brands, four formats (hope you need a lot): Alasko 1x 1kg and 5 x 1 kg, Arctic Gardens 1 x 2 kg and 6 x 2 kg.

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              Thanks Carswell! I saw them this weekend at Aubut. 1 kg is the smallest, and very reasonably priced.