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Jan 27, 2010 10:21 PM

need a great lunch spot within ten minutes from the ritz carlton in miami for Saturday

any kind of food, but just really yummy though

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  1. hi alex>

    Which one ( there are a number of Ritz properties)? Do you have transportation?


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      I don't know my friend planed this trip. It's in South beach though

      1. re: alex70

        What that Ritz has going for it is location. You are walking distance to many different restaurants. Yummy doesn't tell me what you want. I'd go to the Delano, which is just up from the Ritz. If you aren't familiar with South Beach this is as good as any place to start. I like the Blue Door Terrace, or whatever they call it now. Facing that fabulous pool.

        Many choices on Lincoln Road as well. Almost too many. I love Osteria d Teatro but I don't know if it is open for lunch.