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Jan 27, 2010 08:52 PM

Where can I get fresh (or frozen) duck legs?

I'm in east village, trying to find somewhere I can get fresh duck legs. Frozen would do too. I just don't want the whole duck nor do I want them confit or roasted... Does anyone know a butcher / market that I can go to? I vaguely remember seeing a stand in the USQ Green Market but I don't think they show up on a regular basis.

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  1. I am looking for them, too, to try the easy confit recipe from the Times. I bought them once at the market years ago and am quite sure that it was from Quattro's stand; they are there every Saturday on the stretch parallel to 17th Street. Maybe someone will confirm that they do carry the legs.

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      The Times recipe is the reason I was looking for them too :) I found them at the local indoor farmer's market (I live in Westchester); I think farmer's markets are the best bet. Wonder if there's going to be a shortage 'cause of that recipe.

      1. re: DGresh

        DG: I wonder how the recipe turned out for you! Please report back!

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          I'm making it tomorrow night (my legs were frozen; just defrosting now)

    2. If you can't find them downtown, I've bought fresh duck legs at Fairway, and I believe Citarella also has them.

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        yes, citarella does have them fresh and they're from the hudson valley. i purchased them next to the meat counter and they were about $4-5 per leg (drumstick and thigh). each leg is enough for a good single serving.

      2. Quatro's will have them Saturday at the Union Square Green Market. They set up on the north side, parallel with 17th St.

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          I usually buy from them as well, but I've found them at Grace's Marketplace too - I had to ask for them, and they got them out of the freezer for me.

        2. I’ve gotten them fresh at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods. I imagine if they have them, most other Whole Foods in the city probably have them. You can always call ahead and ask.

          1. Give a call to Schaller & Weber.

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              Yes, I think they usually have them in the freezer.