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Jan 27, 2010 08:44 PM

Normandy and Strasbourg in May

We are spending 5 nights in a village outside Rouen and then going over to Strasbourg for a couple of days. Would love suggestions for places to eat. We'll be in a house so will also be doing some cooking and would like to know the best markets in the area. Thanks.

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  1. Really love the mussel place downtown Honfleur, and their daily market is wonderful as well.

    1. I am pretty certain there is a great market in the centre of Rouen, IIRC it is on Sunday mornings, but check with the tourist office for other market days. There are lots of cafes and bars around the market which had a great buzz as the market wound down at lunchtime. Sorry I can't call out specifics but it is worth visiting and simply choosing a busy place.

      1. Maison Kammerzell in Strasbourg, right near the cathedral has terrific Choucroute