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Jan 27, 2010 07:48 PM

Japanese knives in GTA

Can anyone tell me where to find some Japanese knives in the GTA?

Specifically, I am looking for Masamoto Gyutou knife.

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  1. This has come up many times here and unfortunately for the brand you're looking for (Masamoto Souhonten and not Masamoto Tsukiji I presume) You're going to have to go online, most likely to Korin.

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      actually, Yamasho has some Masamoto Souhonten, albeit a very limited selection (no gyuto). Better bet is online through various retailers....or through ebay. Lots of great knives available through ebay from Japan by small or OEM manufacturers (Tanaka, Yoshihiro, Shimatani, Sakai Yusuke).

      Yamasho has a full line of Suisin knives available, I would recommend that if you prefer to shop locally.

      The prices online are USD. They're located by Dundas W and Roncesvalles.

    2. You could try going to nella cucina, just north of bloor on bathurst. For japanese knives i know they have global and shun, and that they don't have masamoto gyutous. They may be able to order them for you though, if you know for sure you want one. They are ordering a Henckel Miyabi (Henckel's Japanese knife, made in japan) for me, so it might be possible.

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      1. re: TeRReT

        I am certain Nella doesn't have the distro contacts to carry Masamoto Souhonten.

        btw your Miyabi is expensive, but a very good knife.

      2. Paderno Outlets carry the full MAC line at OK prices. At least it's possible to handle them.

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