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Jan 27, 2010 07:18 PM

Indian Grocery Stores Miami Area?

For the last few months I have been on a big Indian cooking spree, and at this point I'm running out of the spices I brought down with me from New York. Also, I'm starting to want more specialized produce and pulses.
Anyone know of a good source in the metro-Miami area? I'm on the Beach, but I'm willing to travel. The two I found listed in North Miami Beach were closed - for rent type closed. ( Unfortunately I learned this when I pulled up in front! ). I understand there's a Little India store in Boca, but....closer would be nice.
Any help would be appreciated so I don't have to resort to mail order ( or drive up to Boca! ).


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    1. re: racer x

      Ahh, a thread from August -serves me right for leaving town in the summer! So much for the search feature here - all that turned up were Indian restaurant posts.
      Now I have a point of reference. Thanks racer.