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Jan 27, 2010 06:10 PM

Egg Rings / Pancake Molds / Muffin-Crumpet Rings

Who has some that stay flat on the griddle, so the egg or batter does run out the bottom?

And, how tall/thick do they need to be to work for English muffins or crumpets?

Has anyone tried the ones made from silicone?


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  1. I confess that I bought a set of 4 3 inch nonstick egg rings from Williams Sonoma. The fried eggs fit perfectly on an English muffin. The rings are one inch high.

    The first 3 times, I tried them it was a mess, the rings did not stay flat and the egg whites seeped under the rings. I was going to take them back when I re-read the instructions. My frying pan was too small to fit in all the rings without part of 2 going up the sides slightly.
    But what I really did wrong was not waiting 15 seconds for the rings to preheat after you melt the butter. I actually now count to 30 just to make sure & use a bigger frying pan. Also I coat the bottom of the rings and the inside with my fingers with butter. I just love these rings.
    I did look at other makes that were not non-stick, not as high as 1 inch and also at the silicone versions. I have not had luck with the silicone muffin trays so I passed.
    Haven't tried the pancake molds yet. I was hoping to buy some at the after-Xmas sale but they were all sold out.

    1. Make you own from tuna cans.