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Jan 27, 2010 06:08 PM

New Resident Seeks Mardi Gras Eats

My wife and I moved here last July. Prior to moving, we had each visited dozens of times, but believe it not, had never been here for Mardi Gras. We are well aware that the city shuts down on Tuesday but were hoping to take some out of town guests (who have never visited the city before) out to to eat on either Monday or Wednesday.

Is this a terrible idea? Are Monday and Wednesday going to be madhouses as well? What do you guys and gals suggest as far as food goes if such is the case?

Thanks in advance.

Living in NO is a big change from NYC, but we both absolutely adore it here!

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  1. Conga-rats on the move!
    Mardi Gras Day, I like to go to Crescent City Steakhouse. You can catch Zulu in front before lunchtime if you time it right. My other go to is Rivershack Tavern if I'm not feeling the crowds that day. Emeril's is also open.
    Monday will be tough in the evening with the parades rolling the Uptown/St. Charles Ave route. Are you on the route or live close to somewhere you can go to on foot? if on foot on parade routes, I just wander into anywhere that's open and looks good. If you want to watch the parades but be inside, then Zea is a good place to park it and get good food.
    Wednesday should be easy, as most are leaving and locals will be going to church getting their ashes. What type of food and atmosphere are you looking for?

    Emeril's Restaurant
    800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

    Crescent City Steak House
    1001 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119

    Rivershack Tavern
    3449 River Rd, Jefferson, LA

    Zea Rotisserie and Grill
    1525 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

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      Ye Olde College Inn used to be open on Carnival Day--I am not sure if they are now.

      I always used to--and sometimes still do--go to Galatoire's on Wednesday and order a martini at lulnch just to watch people turn green. It is always a busy day but not too hard to get in and some of teh waiters are wearing their ashes which is a nice touch.

      1. re: edible complex

        Thank you for the reply and recommendations.

        I'm probably being overly ambitious here, but I was hoping they could experience just one quintessential New Orleans meal during their visit. Three of the four have have never been here (the one from Rome would rather eat than breathe) and I thought something along the lines of Clancy's/Galatoires/etc would be a great representation of classic dining in the City.

        What I was really shooting for was something for Monday (which can be a tough day in general) since one couple is departing on Wednesday morning and the other on Thur. I realize I can simply call everywhere on my shortlist, but since I've never experienced Carnival myself, I dont know how easy it will be to get around town. I understand a car is completely out of the equation. For reference, we live in the Warehouse Dist., about 2 blocks from Cochon.


        1. re: Panama Hat

          Be a local --- Go snow skiing!!! Ha!!! See yall in colorado.

          Mardi gras can be tough. Just eat wherever you can, or do some research (i.e. call places to see if they're open) and plan meals around the festivities. It's a madhouse, but it's fun.