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Jan 27, 2010 04:55 PM

Six Burner just opened

On Tuesday night we checked out Six Burner, they opened Monday. It is in the space formerly called Firefly. Same owners but a new concept. We tried nachos (excellent), a crab, bacon, spinach, cheese appetizer (my wife liked it I was just ok with it), pot roast (it was their version of Grandma Zayde's sweet, Jewish pot roast with a chipotle twist, I loved it), and a six pepper spiced chicken which my wife loved. Prices are reasonable (appetizers 5-9 and entrees 10 to 13, there are sandwiches too). Portions are large.

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  1. When you say Firefly, are you referring to Firefly in the Backbay? If so, do they still have the brownies?

    1. Went there for lunch,sat at table in bar and froze whenever anyone opened either of the doors. Chicken pie spring rolls were crispy and tasted just like chicken pie. Meatloaf and potatoes were good,but addition of pumpernickle bread on bottom was just soggy.They were out of pot roast,fried chicken salad was good but corn bread croutons were way to sweet. Service was done by a very funny fellow, you had to forgive him for his mistakes. i went for comfort food and got just that. Owner came out to apologize for the Pot Roast not being ready.

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        Thanks for the report. Is there any place to sit away from the doors? I can't remember the interior set-up from my one experience at Firefly a couple of years ago. I'm thinking of trying breakfast tomorrow but don't want to freeze in this weather.

      2. Where is this place?
        Address, please.

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            Thanks, ScubaSteve.

            Still, it would be helpful if people gave a clue as to location in their original posts.