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Jan 27, 2010 04:23 PM

beer rec SF Sun PM

Any San Francisco recommendations for dinner, early on a Sunday evening? the place should have a good beer list and, (hope this isn't a contradiction), not be too noisy. Moderate prices; just about any cuisine. going with friends after theater matinee in the Union Square area, but this could be anywhere in SF, as we'll have a car and know how to use it.

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  1. La Trappe if you sit upstairs. If you're driving, parking could be frustrating.

    Monk's Kettle if you don't mind a bit of a wait. If you don't go too late, it shouldn't be too noisy.

    Bar Crudo

    I love the beer at Magnolia, but I've found the food to be weak.

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    1. re: vulber

      La Trappe and Monk's Kettle I'd never heard of--really enjoyed Bar Crudo at their original location; haven't been there since they moved--will definitely check them out, thanks!

      1. re: chairbc

        La Trappe is Belgian in both beer and the food - which can be very good, but inconsistent at times.

        Monk's Kettle has a Belgian-leaning beer list, but typical, well-done gastropub food.

      2. re: vulber

        Alembic is a good spot -- Magnolia beers on tap, a good bottle list, very decent food.

        Rosamunde in the Mission. Sausages as good as the original location, plus a decent selection of draught and bottled beer.

        Pi Bar -- interesting local beers on tap, mostly Belgian by the bottle. I cannot vouch for the food, but they have pizza by the slice and whole pies too.

        1. re: david de berkeley

          it's a pretty limited beer selection at alembic

          1. re: vulber

            Drought yes, but in bottle they have a lot of beer at Alembic, and it's all stuff I'd be more than happy to drink. You just have to make sure to ask to see the bottled beer list.

        2. re: vulber

          I'm pretty sure that La Trappe is now closed on Sundays.

        3. For German beer, Suppenk├╝che gets very busy but might be good if you go early. A smaller alternate would be Walzwerk in the Mission.

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          1. re: Calvinist

            Good calls, I'll add Schmidt's in the Mission, the sausage and beer place from the same folks at Walzwerk.

            1. re: david de berkeley

              And we were at the new Rosamunde this weekend -- they have a very respectable beer list -- tap and bottle.