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Jan 27, 2010 04:09 PM

crustless lemon/lime bars and cheesecake

I dont really care for the buttery crusts of lemon bars, but I have lots of limes that I need to use and owuld like to make lime bars. Can I do that without the crust? Or should I stick with making some sort of curd? (I;d prefer the lime bars b/c my roommate doesnt eat butter!!! and I have a lemon bar recipe that doesn't use butter in the filling, but haven't found any butter free curd recipes)

What about crustless cheesecakes? Can I do that? Do I need to take special precautions when baking?

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  1. Of course, you can easily do crustless cheesecakes... I'd be sure to do a water bath. Here are a couple of good recipes:

    You can also do an almond crust - just by grinding up some almonds and mixing with sugar, then scattering over the bottom of the pan.

    if your roomie doesn't eat butter, would Earth Balance be a viable subsitutute?

    with the lemon bars, i'd also consider doing an oat or almond crust without too much butter. you could also do an almond/coconut crust.