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Jan 27, 2010 03:47 PM

I'd like to cook carrots and celery together. Any brasing or roasting suggestions?

I have some celery that's getting a tad old. And have some carrots. I'm thinking I'd like to cook them together but don't know how to do it. Braising? Roasting? Would I add the celery later or cut the carrots into pieces that will cook faster? The idea sounds good but unsure how or even if to proceed. Thanks.

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  1. I've done this before, cutting the carrots into thin coins or sticks, and the celery into thicker diagonal slices, so the cooking time is the same. I steamed them in a shallow mixture of vegetable stock and water, with some butter so that the liquid evaporated and there was a little browning from the butter. Celery and carrots go well together.

    1. Those plus onion is what I usually cook with a pot roast or large bird, and then I often purée the veges with the pan juices as a low-carb gravy. Never occurred to me to do just vegetables, but I don't see why not. If you want just the carrots and celery, I'd cut them into large bite-size chunks (I have a big mouth, just ask around!) and cook them in a braising pot with butter and whatever dried herb you might like - a pinch of thyme wouldn't be bad - and then add a little white wine or broth and either cook covered over low heat or in a moderate oven. I would prefer to have some chopped onion in there, or chunks of leek, and knowing me I'd probably work bacon into the beginning.

      Celery and carrots both roast okay, if you call baking under cover roasting - I've done that along with beets and parsnips, though in that case the celery was more of a flavor than its own vegetable, because it cooks faster. I think the flavor is a bit too intense when done that way, but you might like that.

      You also might want to de-string the tougher expanses of celery...

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        I DO have some duck fat that often whines to get out of the fridge ) Now I'm leaning towards a little gratin pan. Just the two of us. Onions are always welcome.

      2. I roast carrots, celery, potato, & onion under chickens. Occasionally I have roasted them alone - cut into thick chunks & toss in a little oil, salt & pepper. High heat on a baking sheet. If you are just doing the carrot & celery mix, it won't take long.