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Jan 27, 2010 03:30 PM

Pizzeria Mozza continued

The photos wouldn't post on the original thread so......

I had Arancine at Drago yesterday - it was made to order. Celestino is Sicilian and it is a speciality of Sicily. The photos below are Arancine done correctly – look at the oozing cheese and risotto center.

The third photo is the wonderful blossom from Vin Bar – again, fat, plump and perfect.

I love bone marrow – I know it is fatty, I know what to expect. Mozza's was not roasted – it was barely warm and just a lump of cold, congealed fat. I guess I can always go to London and have St. John’s bone marrow and parsley salad or not have to travel as far and have Walter Manske’s version at Church and State.

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  1. It was Celestino Drago who introduced me to Arancine many years ago. His Arancine will always be the benchmark. I like that I can find this amazing dish at any of Drago's(or family) restaurant. Beverly Hills: Piccolo Paradiso, Il Pastaio, Santa Monica, Drago.Just a couple of examples where one can find the real and very delicious Arancine.

    1. I've never had cold bone marrow there. It's always been piping hot to the point where you can't touch the bones. maybe an off day

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        peppermonkey, trust me my post on Mozza pained me. Maudie, you are right - Celestino's arancine are the best!

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          When I want great marrow, I look no further than a good Italian restaurant serving Osso bucco as a special that day. Digging that marrow out of those veal shanks is the best and you get some good veal to go along with it. :) My granny is laughing in heaven knowing that folks are paying $$ for those bones she threw in her soups and stews and which all of the kids eagerly ate with little pieces of bread, running the risk of burns as we were scooping those bones out of the pot.