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Jan 27, 2010 03:24 PM

Skinny Legs & Cowgirls - new location

Driving down Jasper Ave noticed that Skinny Legs and Cowgirls has a new location at 122st. They also have a website now too (finally!). Anyone been?

Might try their brunch this weekend.

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  1. I was wondering about their brunch a few weeks ago, if you get the time would you mind posting a review?

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    1. re: Bellavino

      We did try the brunch this morning. the menu is heavy on the eggs, which is fine for me. Our group all tried something different (benny, hash, scramble and steak & eggs). the meals except for the hash came with potato and veg hash, very tasty, but cold, we had to ask for new potatoes. The benny was good, a little skimpy on the boar bacon, and my eggs were overcooked. The steak (bison rib eye) and eggs were good. hash was lacking in flavor and the scramble with stilton was okay. over all okay to good, add to that the coffee being sent back for being way too weak and the cold potatoes and it makes it a mediocre experience.

      the interior is original, oranges and reds, antique stylings & accents. I like it, but very bistro, all the tables in 2 long rows.

      i will still get there to try the dinner.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        Thanks for the review Cleopatra. We're always looking for brunch places in Edmonton, so far Barb and Ernie's or Culina's has topped my list.

        Cold hash?? That's a litle alarming. Is the new location any larger than the old one?

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Thanks Cleo!
          How was the timing of the meal. I know when I have gone for dinner it has made to be a very long evening (which for dinner is fine) but usually when I go for brunch I have other places to be afterwards and am not looking for a 2.5 to 3 hour brunch. I am hoping that brunch service is swifter!

      2. It is about the same or a little smaller then their previous location on the westend

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        1. re: misterpeer

          I am actually surprised that this location is the same or smaller, their website says larger. I had heard about how small this place was. I would not call this place small, it is a decent size, about the same as Culina millcreek, if not bigger.

          Bellavino: the timing was fine, not a problem. It was not busy though. no more than 4 tables at one time.

          1. re: misterpeer

            The previous location was east of 100 street, downtown.

          2. We'd heard some of the good reviews so decided to try SL & CG for lunch on Saturday around noon. They only offer a brunch menu at this time.

            My friend and I both ordered the Irving's sausage hash which had potatoes, pork sausage, zucchini, red peppers and eggplant with a poached egg.

            The vegetables were almost non-existent and what there was had been fried within an shade of being recognizable. The dish consisted mostly of blackened (burnt) potatoes and chopped up sausages but the most distinguishing feature was the over the top salting of the food which made everything but the poached egg inedible. I have a relatively high threshold for salty items, but this was extreme seasoning. Maybe the chef had a major accident with the salt container and thought we wouldn't notice? I think I drank at least a liter and a half of water afterward in an effort to get my electrolytes rebalanced.

            Aside from the poached egg, we both left most of our food behind and the manager charged us for only one portion. Still very poor value for inedible food.

            We had a look at the dinner menu and even before our over salinated breakfast arrived, decided that the choices were unimaginative and unappealing.

            Based on the quality of the food from our single experience, I would rate this a strong 2/10. The service was pleasant, but we will not be returning.

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            1. re: marie224

              I have been to dinner twice at the new location. Both times it was an underwhelming experience.

              Service is very friendly. Food is interesting & mostly well prepared, but it doesn't often rise above good. It is very overpriced. We certainly don't mind paying extra for local/organic foods or creative cuisine, but this is midrange fare @ extravagant prices. Wine list is serviceable although they were out of the wine we ordered & brought us another. They promised it was dry & crisp but it was as sweet as a riesling. Dissapointing. The decor recalls the ambiance of the previous incarnation of this restaurant. It's fun & simple, mirroring the food (and not the prices). However, the paper napkins undermine any attempt at being anything but a casual eatery & are, again, a sharp contrast to the prices. We'd make it a regular place if the prices matched the food/decor. We haven't been back, prefering Culina for similar ambience but much better food.

            2. Overpriced and just okay. Good sized portions though.