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Jan 27, 2010 03:07 PM

Anyone been to the Italian Cafe on Lee Highway?

Hi I just moved to Falls Church and live not far from this place, the Italian Cafe on Lee Highway. It is near the original German Gourmet. Also next to it is the Milan Bakery. Could it be true that there is a good Italian restaurant and an Italian bakery near me? Ruth

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  1. It is kind of a weird place. We had kind of a fun, kitschy meal there, but it was not very good. We do like the pizza from there though.

    German gourmet on the other hand has killer bratwurst sandwiches and a grilled cheese to die for.

    1. It is good for Italian-American food. Pizza is definitely a cut above. However, not as good as Pie-Tanza for either category, though Pie-Tanza is at the other end of Falls Church City on Broad St..

      I thought the Milan Bakery was run by Bolivians... anyway, I didn't realize they had anything Italian except for the name.

      1. The IC has been in FC for a long time (formerly where Cote D'or Cafe is now) and for the past 20 years or so in the current location. My former employer is nearby so the IC has long been a favorite lunch spot. For the standard Italo-American classics, it's perfectly fine. The AYCE lunch buffet (which includes pizza) is a good deal.

        Milan Bakery/Miss Donuts has great donuts. Nothing Italian about the place.

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          Years ago, these were Saunders Bakery and The Apollo. Jeez, you turn your back for a few decades and look what happens!