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Jan 27, 2010 03:05 PM

Looking for Pan Fried Noodles in the East Bay

I'm looking for pan fried noodles - slightly crispy on one side. I think Hong Kong style might be too crispy but it depends on the preparation. Would like bok choy and mushrooms but not much else in the dish. I'd like to purchase enough for 20 as a side for a spicy crab dish. Extra points if I don't have to go to Chinatown. Any ideas on what to order and who makes a good version? Thanks

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  1. I would imagine that any good Chinese resto could fry you a batch of noodles w/bok choy and mushrooms. Just give advance notice.

    1. How about Daimo? I don't know if they have that specific dish on their menu. But I am sure if you describe it to them they can make it easily.

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        I was beginning to think the same thing and I might just try the local Chinese place in my neighborhood. Chinese takeout might be on the menu anyway tomorrow the way the week is ending up. Thanks

      2. New Gold Medal in Oakland Chinatown serves up a very decent chow mein with pan fried noddles..not too crispy. You'll have to verify if it's how you like it...way to vague.

        Anyone try the new Sun Hong Kong on the bottom level of Kip's? Sun HK use to serve great chow mein...but this might not be related. In Berkeley near campus.

        New Gold Medal
        389 8th St, Oakland, CA 94607

        Sun Hong Kong
        2439 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA

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          I passed by Sun Hong Kong munching on a Sunrise Deli falafel hot from the cooker on my way to Rasputin's.

          .According to the menu in their window, all chow mein at Sun Hong Kong come with pan-fried noodles. They seemed to be having some Anniversary and Student specials.

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            I haven't tried New Sun Hong Kong's HK style chow mein but their beef chow fun is fine and the portion is big. The $3.75 happy hour special chow mein is made with thick noodles.

            It's run by the kids of the now closed Oakland restaurant's owners. They also run Kip's and you can order from the Kip's menu downstairs. One of the days I'll see if I can special order a char siu pineapple and jalapeno pizza.

          2. China House in Pinole makes chow mein with pan-fried noodles and it is my mom's favorite. I would guess that the El Cerrito branch does too.

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              The China House in El Cerrito has been replaced by L & L Chinese Seafood Restaurant.