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Jan 27, 2010 01:53 PM

SEA and NW Wash: Restaurants with Specials (other than Happy Hour) to bring people in during slow times?

Which nice, otherwise expensive restaurants, have specials (slow day of the week, slow month of the year, prix fixe, etc) that are intended by the owner to keep business from lulling too much, but are in fact a boon to the customer who would like to enjoy the quality but can't always afford the price?

I'm thinking of something akin to Sunday Suppers at Lucques in LA.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Avila (Wallingford) is doing Sunday Suppers
    Cafe Champagne is doing Twenty Duck- 2 duck courses for $20 dollars for Jan.
    ART Lounge is doing unlimited Cheese Buffet Happy Hour
    Spring Hill is doing Thursday whole chicken specials & Monday special menus

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    1. re: natalie.warner

      Thank you. I know I said non happy hour, but an unlimited cheese buffet, if the cheeses are decent, is quite a deal!

      1. re: natalie.warner

        Dinette does Sunday Suppers that are rotating regional themes. Really nice meals. However, I haven't seen an update in awhile, maybe they are on hiatus from that.

        1. re: bluedog67

          There was one a couple of weeks ago - a Haiti benefit. I couldn't make it unfortunately, but was there for dinner last week and noticed they did have a happy hour with food and drink specials in their cute little bar area. (And their toasts are great as always - there's a really good pork belly toast right now.)

      2. Spring Hill in West Seattle has a Monday Early bird special

        1. There is a $5 Steak and Fries deal on Wednesday nights at Eastlake Grill, Southlake Grill, and Greenlake Grill (all of the same restaurant group).

          its a small steak cooked to order and nothing to write home about but definitely nicer and cheaper than a value meal at a drive thru.

          1. A lot of restaurants participate in either Dine Around Seattle and Urban Eats, which is a 3 courses for $30 deal. I find that Dine Around Seattle is usually a better deal than Urban Eats, but both tend to be cheaper than a normal meal at the restaurants in question.

            1. There's a great blog on the Seattle Weekly site that covers $13 meals around town. Not exactly fine dining, but some really useful info. Like the tip about getting your purchases at the meat department put on the grill at Whole Foods. So you could get an 8 oz New York strip for less than $5.