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Jan 27, 2010 12:47 PM

Hungry NYer looking for the real deal in Nashville

Hi hounders! My husband is headed to Nashville mid-March for business and I thought I'd tag along as I've never been and have a few days off. We'll be staying at the Hutton Hotel , 1808 West End Ave, w/out a car so wherever we end up will have to be reachable by taxi (no 30-minute drives).
We'll be tied up for most of the week with business dinners but we're staying an extra night, Friday, to eat. So...if you could go to one place in town, where would it be? We love everything but have a lot of options in NYC so we're looking for something we just can't get at home, bbq-
Price and ambience are not really factors, although getting a little dressed up could be fun.

We'll need a good breakfast and/or lunch place relatively near the hotel on Saturday too.

If we need to make a reservation far in advance, now would be a good time to start planning!
Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Can't wait to get there!!!

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  1. One place in town: City House

    Hutton Hotel has a nice restaurant in the lobby called 1808 Grille.

    Make sure to try Arnold’s County Kitchen for your meat & three. 8th ave, not far from hotel.
    Jimmy Carl’s Lunchbox (bbq) located in The Gulch neighborhood, open for lunch only, about 8-9 blocks from your hotel.
    Hog Heaven is off West End behind the McDonald’s by the park (bbq).

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      City House looks great- and I could definitely get used to the prices

    2. Good luck, it is slim pickins for a NYer.

      1. We ate at the 1808 right in the Hutton hotel on Christmas eve. Check out my review on this site. It was really great.

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          anymore cant miss suggestions....?

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            Monell's is about as Southern/Nashville/Meat & 3 as you can get, and if you have breakfast/lunch there you won't need to eat again. Hog Heaven for a BBQ sandwich (try the chicken w/ white sauce) isn't far from your hotel. Patterson House for a good cocktail, pre-prohibition style ( I know you have this in NY, but you'll get a seat easier in Nashville). City House is a good thing - res necessary, but not insanely in advance.

        2. If you're free Monday night go to the Staion Inn and see the Time Jumpers. It is (IMHO) the best night in Nashville, Check it out on you tube.

          1. You're staying in a central part of town and there are actually a lot of restaurants in your near vicinity.

            On West End Ave there is Tin Angel which serves both lunch and dinner and is always a spot on great meal. If you like small plates and the best caipirinhas in town, there is Rumba (only serves dinner).

            Just off West End is the best steakhouse in the city, Jimmy Kelly's. It's a bit old-school but the steaks are fabulous and it's a fun experience.

            Pancake Pantry is one of the most popular breakfast/lunch places in Nashville. There is almost always a line but it moves quickly and they serve you coffee while you wait. The variety of pancakes available can't be beat. Plus it's in Hillsboro Village which is a trendy neighborhood with a bunch of cute shops that you could stop in after lunch. If it's too packed for your liking, walk down the street to either Jackson's or Fido. If it's nice out, Jackson's patio is ideal.

            One other suggestion for dinner that is just a cab drive away from West End is Miel. It's right behind the iconic Bobbie's Dairy Dip so you can't miss it.

            Most places in Nashville don't require reservations weeks in advance, but at least you can look at some of these websites and decide what you want. I hope you enjoy your stay and have some great meals while you're here.

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              Thanks! This is all very helpful, looking forward to our visit!!

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                Pancake Pantry for sure for breakfast , You will love it. Sweet Potato Pancakes!!!!
                Patterson House: Peanutbutter, Bacon, and Nutella painni
                Whiskey Kitchen in the Gulch: Great drinks and great food at Great Prices. Great VIBE
                Carl's: Great BBQ Beans, could just eat that for a meal
                1808 is great also, eat there about 1 time a month

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                I second the Tin Angel. We have been there many times. Our one experience at Rumba was less than stellar, but I'd be willing to give it another try. Tayst on 21st (is it still considered to be in Hillsboro Village?) has always been good when we've been there.