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Jan 27, 2010 12:39 PM

Two different styles of AC SS?

I really, really like my All Clad stainless (my 3 qt saute is darn near a perfect pan) but I've been looking at adding a 12" frypan to do what the saute can't. I've seen some very disparate pricing, though (e..g, around $80 for the pan with lid versus $115 for pan w/o lid) and my immediate inclination is to spend less.

However, I've read some reports that the inexpensive pan isn't three-ply (and described as light and cheap) and I do think that the photos I've seen of that inexpensive pan show a more pronounced break between pan botton and sides. That is, in my ACs and in the photos of the more expensive 12", the transition is more gradual and rounded.

Is AC doing two versions or outsourcing production? Or am I seeing differences where none exist?

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  1. All Clad has many stainless line, there are the triply stainless steel line and there is the d5 five-ply stainless steel line. Of course, there are the Emerilware which is officially/unofficially All Clad. There are two stainless lines within Emerilware. One is triply and the other is disk bottom.

    I won't know others.

    1. Hi, I bought this "12 inch fry pan with lid" last year at Amazon. I still have the original box and it says "tri- ply bonded construction" and also " Pure aluminum core not just at the bottom, but all the way up the sides...". Moreover, "Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA" (but I guess the lid is not made in USA as lids for other All-Clad products are made in China).

      So, I guess this pan is a "tri-ply". (Actually, external stainless is magnetic and internal stainless is non-magnetic. I cannot see what is between:))

      Anyway, I am happy with this pan. I do a lot of saute and braising of vegis and a matching lid is very nice to have.

      I do not own "pan without lid", so I cannot make a comparison on their shapes. You can call All-Clad directly and ask if they have two versions or not if you are concerned.

      1. Have a link for the $80 pan, I've never seen this.

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          Here it is; it's $89 most places:

          A lot of pricier brands (including All-Clad, Le Creuset and Calphalon) periodically offer "try me" pieces at lower prices. They're not lower quality, just a rare lower price (since these brands rarely go on sale) to induce new users to try it and encourage fans to pick up another piece they may not have bought otherwise.

          1. I guess the OP is asking why there's a price difference between the exact same pan, one with lid and one without, and the one with lid is much cheaper than the one without.

   - with lid
   - no lid

            And since I've posted a store that sells both versions, OP can call them up directly and ask :-)

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            1. re: cutipie721

              Please do, behrendprof, and let us know if you get a different answer than I did!

              1. re: herring

                It's my understanding there is no difference in quality.. as the other poster said.. it's a try me piece and is a good deal for the line. :)
                I would go for the one with the lid, personally.

              2. re: cutipie721

                Cuti - thanks. I DID call and the person in customer service knew what Iwas asking before I finished the question. Same pan, just AC's attempt to promote it. She actually sounded a little tired of the Q! Herring, looks like your thought was right on target.

              3. I weighed this All Clad 12" pan ($89 special w/lid) against my Cuisinart Stainless 12" (not multiclad). The AC weighed 2 lbs 11 oz w/o lid, the CS was 3lbs 1oz. Also, my CS Multiclad 10" was 2lbs 10 oz. FWIW.

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                  I'd love to hear if the All Clad SS 12" has gotten lighter over time. Please weigh in! And I mean literally as well as by posting! Thanks.