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Jan 27, 2010 11:51 AM

Looking for FUN sashimi/omakase experience in SF


I live in Los Angeles and am coming up to SF for a weekend. Is there a place that has a great primarily sashimi/nigiri omakase experience that is not too snooty or pricey? For reference, my favorite place in LA is Sushi Masu - ridiculously unique and good food, very friendly chef, and you can get out of there with dinner omakase for 2 plus sake for $120 plus tip.

Any recommendations? And please, no omakase with too much cooked food - I like my omakase raw all the way :)


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  1. Sushi Koo on 408 Irving Street is definitely worth hitting up, and make sure you try their Spoonful of Happiness appetizer, and if available either strawberry panna cotta or Mt Fuji chocolate cake for dessert. Don't miss any cooked food/side dishes, they're just as spectacular.

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      Koo is a fine choice esp if you sit at the bar. This typically requires a reservation.

      I had very good fish but a less enjoyable experience eating at the tables.

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        Yes excellent point. Reserve seats at the bar in front of chef owner Kiyoshi-san at least 2 to 3 days in advance and mention what you want. They're open dinner only. The atmosphere is incredible.

    2. Murasaki Sushi Bar on Clement.

      Do not expect luxe expect that Toshi-san is a Master.

      211 Clement Street
      San Francisco, CA 94118-2407
      (415) 668-7317

      1. We just had a great, and very authentic dinner at Kappou Gomi last Friday night. Having lived in Japan for a couple of years, this felt like the most authentically Japanese place I've been to in SF. Super fresh sashimi presented very artfully, and many other dishes, hot and cold. I would contact them ahead of time to see if they'd do a full sashimi omakase - I suspect they would. Prices were very reasonable - four of us ate a huge swath through the menu, with a couple of beers and some sake, and it came to about $45/pp including tax and tip. Well worth it.

        Kappou Gomi
        5524 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

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          I love Kappou Gomi, but since the OP wants raw all the way, it seems like a waste of the kitchen's skill at creating specialty cooked dishes. And the sashimi dishes are at the upper end of price range, $16 for the hirame and $10 for the saba (vs. $4 to $10 for other selections so the average tab will be skewed considerably). I wouldn't call it primarily sashimi or nigiri by any means so the selection may be quite limited, but as you say, worth a call to see if the owner will do this.

        2. I really like Zushi Puzzle on Lombard. Chef Rodger is hilarious and VERY proud to show off his fish. Reservations highly suggested if you want a bar seat.

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            Have you been able to get out of Zushi Puzzle for dinner + sake for $60 per person?

            I feel like I need to caution the OP that sashimi and sushi costs more in this town that LA and on average is not as good.