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Jan 27, 2010 10:40 AM

Great dining in Winston Salem/Greensboro

Hi, we're thinking of a family trip to Asheville with stop in WS/G overnight. We have a 3 year old (almost 4) with us, but she's used to restaurants of all different kinds and is always well behaved. Great food is the most important thing, but we don't want something stuffy. Also, I'm not a pork eater, so bbq is out. Walking distance to a hotel gets bonus points. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Thats a really broad question. First, its only about 2 hours from W-S to sure you want to stop there? I guess I'd suggest either downtown G'boro or d'town W-S...lots of places to walk to once you're there. In G'boro is Liberty Oak, Undercurrent, Avenue, 223 S. Elm, Riva's Trattoria. In W-S there is 6th and Vine, MOMA, Soup's (a pho restaurant), Camel City Cafe, Downtown Thai, Hutch and Harris, Rana Loca.

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      We're coming from Chapel Hill, and hoping to stop at the zoo in Asheboro on the way ther, and figured this would cut the trip down into more managable drives.

      Many thanks for the list of suggestions - I will have fun checking them all out.

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        Gotcha. A shortcut for gathering info on the restaurants is to go to the websites for the respective downtown organizations: and

    2. If you stay in Greensboro, Green Valley Grill/ O'Henry Hotel and PrintWorks Bistro/ Proximity Hotel are very highly reccommended. Also, 1618 West Seafood Grill is top notch.

      1. John Batchelor has been reviewing restaurants for the Greensboro News and Record for many years. Here are his 5 star and 4 star picks at bottom of article

        1. I would probably skip 6th and vine(a wine bar with food) Would add sweet potatoes, or Downtown Thai. The same owners also do SOUP, a pho place that I have not been to yet. Please skip Noma very average food in a good looking room. Have not been to Hutch and Harris or Rana Loca(mexican/latin cuisine) for food, just drinks but have heard good things All of these are walkable from downtown hotels. There is also a a mellow mushroom if all else fails.

          Greesnboro - printworks is great looking though the food has always seemed close but no cigar. They did update their menu in the last 2-3 months though. Also try bistro sophia(upscale though not stuffy) greenvalley grill or try your hand at our abundant vietnamese - saigon is the standout but there are lots of others

          also check for menus of some restys

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            So between Bistro Sophia, Liberty Oak, Rivas and Print Works.. how would you order them? I realize they are mostly different.

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              BS, printworks, liberty oak - never been to Rivas

          2. In an attempt to win bonus points, it would be helpful to know where you are staying!

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              It would help me too! Haven't gotten quite that far yet, and it may depend on where we're eating (we're like that).

              I checked the Sweet Potatoes (I think it was) website, and it looks very much like the kind of thing we can get around here (we're in NC too). Down homey is probably not our first choice, and especially with me not being a pork eater, it is hard in those kind of places in the south to find side dishes that I can eat.

              I really appreciate ALL the info you're tossing my way. Thanks so much.

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                There is not much in the Triad that I can think of that you cannot get in the Triangle.

                One idea would be to go to Giacomo's in Greensboro for their salumi. They also serve sandwiches and antipasto. Not really a restaurant, but they have tables where you can sit down and eat what they prepare for you behind the counter.

                Another idea would be to go to Keaton's (in between Winston and Statesville) for their dipped chicken. Essentially, it is fried chicken dipped in a Lexington style BBQ sauce - regular or spicy.

                Both of those are more lunch ideas, however.

                For dinner, I would concur with the Vietnamese recommendations others have posted as Greensboro has some excellent Vietnamese restaurants. There are also some very nice, more upscale places in both Greensboro and Winston but, again, I don't know that there is anything that different from what you can get in the Triangle.

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                  giacomos would be great though most of the pleasure is in the pork, there is enough for a non pig eater to have fun with. Their sandwiches are great and they have lots of antipasti salads. Try their housemade pastrami(a little lean for mean but still tastes great) and housemade bologna(truly a treat) are what I can't get enough of. their website has directions and some info but not a full menu -

                  Btw Sweet Potatoes is down homey in an upscale, no pig in the veggies way

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                    aha! Thanks for that tidbit about Sweet Potatoes. That definitely helps.

                    Will also check out Giacomos. But it sounds like it isn't really a restaurant sort of place. After a morning of driving and zoo'ing, I feel like we'd like to be waited on. Also like a decent wine list.

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                      If you are looking for a casual restaurant with very good food, I would recommend the recently opened Basil's & Co. Operated by the same husband/wife team who own Sweet Basil's, it is among the foremost examples of the farm to table trend in the Triad. They also have a dessertery, which may appeal to little Lulu.

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                        This sounds like an excellent suggestion. Thanks - you're a find BrentK.