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Jan 27, 2010 10:32 AM

One night in Seattle - recommendations?

Hi there,

My partner and I are coming down to Seattle from Vancouver for one night and will be staying in the Pike Place market area. We are looking for a reasonably-priced (~$15/person before drinks) dinner spot that is not a sushi or Thai joint (there are plenty in Vancouver), walking distance (max 30-45 mins walk) from the market. What's close, delicious, and reasonably-priced? I don't ask much, I know....


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  1. Pink Door
    Steelhead Diner (maybe)
    Black Bottle
    The Palace Kitchen
    Serious Pie
    Happy Hour at Barolo
    Happy Hour at Brasa

    A walk up to the hill (Capitol Hill- 15/20 minutes- right up Pike or Pine)
    Tin Table

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    1. re: natalie.warner

      Wonderful, thanks so much! Black Bottle and Tin Table look like the two leading contenders - I've also heard good things about Paseo (for lunch) and Cafe Flora, although it looks a bit out of the way.

      1. re: food_alice

        You can swing by Honeyhole or Salumis (weekdays only) for sandwiches- both are great in their own right- Paseo is unique but very far out of the way and currently closed for a month. Cafe Flora does have great food- I enjoyed my brunch there- but you can find great breakfast food downtown at Lola's!, Etta's, Le Pichet, Steelhead, ART, and in Queen Anne ( QA - 15-20 minute walk north on 1st to Denny and then a block or two up QA ave.) Toulouse Petit and Peso's or up in Capitol Hill Linda's Tavern, Table 219, and Oddfellows!!.

        1. re: natalie.warner

          Honey Hole is terrible. Blech. No idea why that place is popular. Yick, geez. Just awful sandwiches, proportions all wrong.

          1. re: natalie.warner

            Natalie, how is Pike Street Fish Fry and also happy hour at The Brooklyn Seafood House? thanks

            1. re: kevin25

              My first (yours, too, surely) impression of Pike Street F&C is that it has a great sign.
              Beyond that, it is sketchy. On a good day, they have interesting, fresh, well prepared fish, in good portions. Other days, none of the above. It can be under-sized, greasy, flavorless, or all 3. It's definitely worth taking the chance. Love the fried lemon.

        2. re: natalie.warner

          how is Pike Street fish fry. also happy hour at The Brooklyn seafood house?

        3. Monsoon for brunch, Spring Hill on Monday night (fried chicken & spaghetti night) trust me its freaking amazing and if you have the money the Corson Building is a must.

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          1. re: allisonfearn

            Cafe Campagne by the market is a great place for brunch, loved the Brioche French Toast there. Enjoy Seattle! :)

          2. natalie.warner's list is pretty solid. Some ideas that specifically fit into the $15 category:

            Union during happy hour is a great deal given that it's normally a $40/person restaurant. Last time I ate there, everything on the bar menu was $8 or less. Plan on ordering 1.5-2 dishes per person.

            Brasa's happy hour is good, but you might actually be better off heading down to Pioneer Square and getting a meal at the Elliott Bay Book Company's cafe. It's the same chef and the selection is broader than Brasa's bar menu. That being said, the book store is moving soon and I don't know if the cafe will still be there when you get there.

            Serious Pie isn't too expensive relative to the other Tom Douglas restaurants. Order the fanciest-seeming pizza on the menu. They have a happy hour, but it ends at 5.

            Txori can be inexpensive if you are careful. Plan on ordering 2-4 items per person (they are happy to let you order more food later if you so desire). Go somewhere else for dessert, though.

            The only Asian cuisine that's probably better in Seattle than Vancouver is Vietnamese food. If that interests you, consider Green Leaf in the International District.

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            1. re: lavaca

              Thanks guys - those were really helpful suggestions!

              For lunch we went to the Market Grill at Pike Place (across from Uli's sausages). I had the halibut platter with bread and salad, and my partner had the halibut sandwich, and we split the chowder. Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked - my only complaint was that the fish was a bit on the salty side. For dinner we went to the Tin Table, which was just the kind of place we were looking for. We split the brussels sprouts with pancetta and brown butter sauce (wow), and then I had the trout with kale, butternut squash, clams, and chorizo, and he had the ribs. Like at Market Grill the fish seemed a bit salty - so maybe it's just me? It was delicious though, and the staff and atmosphere were great. It's too bad we weren't able to stay in town longer - thanks so much for all the recommendations....will have to check them out on another trip!

            2. Hi Seattle Chowhounds,

              Like food_Alice I'll be staying in Seattle, near Pike Place Market for one night this coming weekend.
              What are your suggestions for a nice meal in the $30 to $40 category. My friends and I won't have access to a vehicle, so the suggestions will have close by to Pike Place Market. I would love to try something we can't get in Vancouver or experience Seattle's take on seafood.

              Thanks in advance.

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              1. re: moyenchow

                Steelhead Diner, Matt's in the Market, Maximilliens, Chez Shea Lounge (the restaurant is more expensive). You'll love any of them or all of them!

                1. re: moyenchow

                  Dahlia Lounge, Matt's in the Market, ART, Union, Chez Shea, Txori, Restaurant Zoe & up the hill (Capitol Hill- 15/20 minute walk up Pike or Pine or SHORT cab) Anchovie & Olive, Mistral, Cantinetta, and Quinn's

                  1. re: moyenchow

                    I would go to Union for Seattle's best seafood. A bonus is that it's close to the Market.

                    1. re: moyenchow

                      Thanks firecracker, natalie & Lauren.
                      Matt's, Chez Shea, Steelhead Diner & Union looked very good.

                      This may be an odd question, Vancouver's causal.... a dark pair of jeans and nice top will get you into almost into any restaurant.

                      What's the dress code like at restuarnts you mentioned? My friends and I want to know what we need to pack to come to Seattle.

                      1. re: moyenchow

                        Seattle is just as casual if not more than Vancouver.
                        I would say Chez Shea and Union are the better two from there.

                        1. re: moyenchow

                          You'll be fine in dark jeans and a nice top.

                          1. re: Lauren

                            Lauren, Is The Brooklyn Seafood worth a happy hour stop?(on a saturday)

                            1. re: kevin25

                              I haven't been to The Brooklyn in years but I hear their HH is fun.

                              1. re: Lauren

                                thanks, would 2 kids (9 & 10) like the pink door? they love pasta...

                                1. re: kevin25

                                  Blocks away is The Spaghetti Factory. Believe it of not, this chain-store opened chow-doors for me, as a kid, with Pasta with Mizithra.

                                  1. re: kevin25

                                    I have taken my two "boys" to the Pink Door since they were very the first goes off to college next year! Definitely a favorite and the staff is cool about kid friendly choices (try the meatballs!)

                                    Pink Door
                                    1919 Post Aly, Seattle, WA 98101

                            2. re: moyenchow

                              Hi All,

                              Thanks for your recommendations, I had a great time in Seattle. We were unable to get a suitable reservation for Matt's or Chez Shea, but ended up in Cafe Campagne. My friends and I had:

                              -Tarte Flambee
                              -Moules À L'Harissa
                              -Truite aux Amandes
                              -Poulet Roti
                              -Sole Quenelles in a Prawn Cream Sauce
                              -Creme Brule

                              My Friends enjoyed their meal and I found the Quenelles very tasty and original. I haven't seen Quenelles on the menu at any of French Bistros in Vancouver, so it was a treat to have it. I was expecting them to be like gnocchi but they're more like soft & savoury matzah balls, very tasty. The only thing I found underwhelming were the mussels.

                              But overall a great experience. Plus I was able to pick up some Beechers cheese and try their Mac & Cheese and it was very tasty.

                              Looking forward to another food trip to Seattle! Thanks Again!

                              1. re: moyenchow

                                Seattle is a foodie's haven, your meal at Cafe Campagne sounds wonderful, we enjoyed a nice breakfast there this past June when we were in Seattle at the Farimont Olympic. Union, Georgian Room, Etta's and Cafe Campage were all very good for our meals during our stay. :)