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Jan 27, 2010 10:08 AM

New Taco Truck at corner of La Brea and Venice

Last week, I noticed on Thursday a taco truck in the Unocal gas station lot on the Northwest corner of La Brea and Venice. I pass by this intersection every night. On this first night, I noticed a beautiful piece of pork on a spit outside of the truck. This was odd but I was so excited to know that they have real al pastor.
On Friday, I stopped in for two al pastor tacos on my way home--I didn't want to spoil dinner.
The taco guy sliced off some pork from the spit and crisped it up on the flat top before putting it on two tortillas. They do not come with any condiments. You have to put the onions, cilantro, and salsa on yourself. The tacos were $1.
I thought they were very good. I'll definitely go back. I compare them to the taco truck that arrives later at the corner of La Brea and Olympic. Good tasty fare for a good price.
The salsa verde was very good with a nice spice and the avocado salsa was also very good.

The guy said they get there around 4:30 in the afternoon.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Did you get the name of the taco truck? El Chato i(one of my favooorites) s the name of the La Brea and Olympic truck.

    1. This place was very good. We were going to drive somewhere else, when we saw this little gem at the corner of la brea and venice. I had the buche, asada, lengua, cabeza, and pastor tacos. All very good. Pastor was some of the best i have ever had. Everything was so good , I went for a tripas taco, not normally on my list . It was one of the best tripas tacos i had in my 5 year quest to eat off every taco truck and stand. There salsa's were excellent, and they gave me a grilled onion and jalapeno. If i was not trying to lose weight , i would be here every other night.

      1. Is this truck called Don Betos? or something along those lines? I went to a truck with this name about 4-6 months ago when El Chato was still not open yet (they seemed to push their opening from 8pm to 9pm+), and it was at the approximate location you name. I was a little underwhelmed with the tacos - not that they were bad, or even average (they were above average), they just weren't El Chato.

        PS - I initially thought it was Beto's taco truck (relocated), which is parked on Jefferson near La Brea, who has great al pastor, but it wasn't - I later went to Beto's.

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        1. re: mdpilam

          Wait, Don Beto was always parked at the Unocal on La Brea & Venice, did they move to Jefferson? I last saw them on Venice & La Brea in early January.
          I'm a bit confused.

          1. re: bad nono

            There's a different "Beto's" truck parked on Jefferson (better IMO). It's just Beto's, not Don Beto's.

          2. re: mdpilam

            Nope, it's not Betos... I saw it on the ride home today and noticed the spit immediately... They seem to be doing good business... Will have to try VERY soon as I've been looking for a closer version of the Vermont El Pastor Taco Table for a long time... The closest has been Don Jorge, but it still not the same...


          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. tried this truck the other night. They cut the pork right on to the tortilla and then top if with pineapple. Most places cut it from the spit and then grill it.

              i think this is the best al pastor I've had in LA.


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              1. re: Bandini

                Man, I would drive by this place every time on my way to El Chato; now I know I have to stop. Al pastor is my favorite.

                1. re: mdpilam

                  Okay, a new #1 in my book. This truck is great! The al pastor is excellent. You can actually taste the smoky, porkiness to it, and the thin pineapple slice adds just a slight crunch of sweetness in the middle bite(s) that just puts it over the top. Not to mention their asada was very good too; tender with a beefy flavor and slightly charred on the outside. All three of the salsas I tried (roja, verde and avocado) were very good as well. I could have used a bit more heat on the salsa roja - but then I'm a spice addict. It reminds me of a more mellow King Taco roja.

                  This is going to be my new regular "go-to" truck, though I will have to hit up El Chato still because I love the grilled onions and jalepenos (and they are still great).

                  Thanks for the heads up, because otherwise, I would have just thought it was the same truck that I went to last yr that was parked there (Don Beto's), and stuck with El Chato.

                2. re: Bandini

                  Thank you...thank you!! It is the best pastor I have had in Los Angeles...even though I feel guilty passing up El Chato...But two of the very best taco trucks in SoCal within a couple of blocks of each other and within 5-7 minutes of my home! I am in heaven!!

                  1. re: TravelPath

                    anyone know hours on this one? Late night only?

                    1. re: Discokill

                      I was unsure of this as well - so hopefully, others will chime in with more definite hours, but I got there about 7:30-ish on Saturday and there were there (with a decent number of people eating there).

                      1. re: mdpilam

                        I ate there Sunday around 6pm. The guy who takes your order and the guy cutting the al pastor didn't seem to understand my question about their hours of operation. A guy in the truck said Tues-Sunday from 6pm to 2pm. Not sure that's correct because I've never noticed the truck really late at night. Then again I've never really looked that hard for them before. The El Chato people told me their (the El Chato truck) hours are Mon-Thurs 8:30pm-1pm and Fri-Sat 8:30pm-3pm. Those seem to be their real hours although if business is hot and heavy I've seen them at 2pm midweek. Back to Leo's (the Venice/La Brea) truck. I only ordered 2 lengua and 2 al pastor tacos, plus a horchata. The pastor is the draw and the tacos are a bit bigger than the El Chato ones. Both places charge $1 a taco, but the El Chato truck gives you cooked onions and a grilled jalapeno. I thought the lengua was a tiny bit tastier at El Chato and the tortillas are a little moister (probably the dipping the tortillas in lard, I guess). The drinks at the Leo's truck are a bit bigger $1.25 versus $1 at El Chato. I've only drank the horchata at both trucks once so I don't want to say one is better than the other. I usually get a jamaica at the El Chato truck which Leo's doesn't have. A little more variety of bottled/canned drinks at the Leo's truck. Both are good deals I think and if you're into al pastor you might be slightly better off at Leo's.
                        My dish of choice normally is a chorizo quesadilla and the El Chato truck uses pretty good chorizo. I'll try it a Leo's in the near future.

                        1. re: Feed_me

                          Hours of Leo's Taco Truck "Tues-Sunday 6pm to 2pm?"

                          I think you meant to say 6pm to 2am,.

                          Hours of El Chato Taco Truck "Mon-Thurs 8:30pm-1pm and Fri-Sat 8:30pm-3pm?"

                          I think you meant to say Mon-Thurs 8:30pm-1am and Fri-Sat 8:30pm-3am.

                          Leo's Taco Truck
                          Venice Blvd S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

                          1. re: Norm Man

                            Thanks "Norm Man" you are correct. I posted that when I was pretty tired. Interestingly enough I was at the El Chato truck tonight. Their pastor had a hunk of pineapple on top with strands of onions between some layers of the meat. The pastor meat was colored reddish-orange like the meat at Leo's.
                            Maybe they read Chowhound. I tried the pastor and although they didn't put any pineapple in my tacos I could detect a hint of the pineapple flavor. This is getting interesting.

                            1. re: Feed_me

                              funny, I was at El Chato last night too and got al pastor too (and chorizo). I have yet to try the truck on Venice & la Brea. Maybe I should do a comparative study between the two al pastor one of these days.