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Soda Bread in Montreal

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Hi there,
I've recently moved to Montreal from the UK and am having problems finding Soda Bread! I'm met by very confused faces when asking for it! So could someone please tell me a bakery that sells it?

Thank you!

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  1. Hey S123, another UK-nian living in Montreal here... I myself have not seen soda bread in Montreal, so I normally make my own these days.

    In fact - I've come to enjoy making it so much that even if I could buy it, I probably wouldn't! It's super easy - I don't know if you're aware of that... But I highly recommend that you give it a try. It 's cheap, very quick to make, and it's one of those great recipes where you only get one bowl dirty. Fool proof.

    1. Hello

      try the Gryphon d'Or, 5968 Monkland; 514-485-7377, they have a bakery a couple of doors away, they have great bread, and scone and great shortbread

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        I haven't seen any bread (soda bread or otherwise) at Gryphon d'or, but it's certainly worth a call. They used to make things on special order, so maybe they'd whip you up some loaves.

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          we were told you have to go early for the soda bread, because it goes fast, but if you have a meal they serve you some

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            Thank you for the replies! I called Gryphon d'Or and i need to speak to the owner who apparently can make it as a special order. So let's wait and see! I'll post back tomorrow after speaking to her.

            Otherwise I do enjoy baking and may actually give it a go myself!

            Thanks again for the great responses!