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Jan 27, 2010 09:44 AM

question about Italian sandwiches for fairfield county

where would one go for an old fashioned italian hero (sub, grinder, wedge, etc.)? i'm talking really fresh coldcuts and freshly baked italian bread. i'm talking the whole magilla, not any 1/2 loaf pretender. not sure that i would be eating one any time soon but there is always the chance i could lose my mind and then have full license to enjoy one.

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  1. I'm partial to Fortuna's in Westport when in the area.

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    1. re: harrie

      Ditto on Fortuna's... Art's Deli used to be the go-to place, but sadly they've been gone for a while.

      1. re: sibeats

        Wow, Art's Deli! Westport lost a gem when that place closed. I used to work at the Fortuna's in Fairfield (Black Rock area) when I was a kid. Nice family, good food.

    2. Fortuna's in Westport is very good, but I think the BEST, especially the bread, is at Gaetano's in Stratford- YUM!

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      1. re: JenJeninCT

        Totally second Gaetano's in Stratford! I used to keep their takeout menu in my glove box as a reminder.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          I'll second Gaetoano's!

          Honorable mention goes to Avventuras in Waterbury.

          1. re: JohnnyCT

            Talk to me--Waterbury is closer...

      2. A&S in Norwalk & Stamford has a good one:

        "Italian Style - Ham, Salami,Sopresatta,Pepperoni,Capicola,Provolone,
        with Lettuce,Tomatoes,and Vinegar Peppers and Italian Dressing on the side "

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        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

          i am a huge a&s guy. love them to death, especially their sausages. their italian hero is very good but not full sized italian bread, although i'm sure albert would gladly oblige.

          1. re: poppy

            Question: There is an A&S in Fairfield too. They make great sub/hero sandwiches to order. It is also my go-to for meat / steak / veal / pork, etc of any cut.
            Are all these A&S places affiliated? Or is it just some coincidence?
            I have heard the owners (or at least the guys that are there working every day) of the Fairfield location discussing a possible expansion to Milford too.

            1. re: foleyd7

              They aren't all affiliated. There was once an original store in Brooklyn (may still be there), and they somehow lost control of the name, and cousins, ex-employees, etc, seem to have opened their own stores with the same name, in LI, NJ, NY, & CT. Its a bit like Ray's Pizza in NYC...every other pizzeria has the name in it.

        2. You MUST go to Gaetano's Deli - Stratford, CT. He's originally from Arthur Ave. Excellent bread, fresh mozz, broccoli rabe, etc. Line can go out the door, so be sure to order ahead if you are going there for a holiday or superbowl, etc. They usually have a pick-up line.
          Here's a link: