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Jan 27, 2010 09:16 AM

Pho Rex

A new pho restaurant opened on Bloor, just east of Manning.

The menu has a lot (too much) on it -- vietnamese, some thai, and some congee.

I went twice for the pho tai (rare beef). The beef was excellent, the noodles plentiful. The broth was decent although a touch oily -- not as aromatic/flavourful as say The Golden Turtle, but good. There is no other pho in the neighbourhood so it's a welcome addition. I've not tried anything other than the pho, but I will continue to go back for the pho.

Interestingly, another pho stop is getting ready to open up shop across the street from Pho Rex.

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  1. What's the price range on the menu? How much is pho?

    Thanks in advance

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    1. re: Ender

      I think the small pho (which was a lot) was $5.50 or so. The also sell a child's size for a few dollars (which I've not seen before). The prices were very good -- they sell single spring rolls for, I think $1 (can that be right?). I didn't look closely at the other prices but, overall, it's a very reasonably priced menu.

      1. re: Ender

        The prices vary but none exceeding $13(I think). The "kids size" which is really a small is $3.95, the medium $5.95, large $6.95, and X-large $7.95. As for the dishes served with rice, they vary but range from around $6-$12(I think). Also, the blended shakes are $2.75.

      2. i'm going to try the place today. i think we needed a pho place in korea town. mmmmm... pho :D

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        1. re: leftear

          Can you please check if they have veg pho? Thanks.

          1. re: piccola

            i didn't see a veg pho on the menu. i even went again today to check it out and came back with no luck. But in all honesty, i don't think i have ever seen a vegetarian pho since the broth is beef based, i wouldn't even know how they'd make one.

            1. re: leftear

              Green Earth, on Broadview, serve a vegetarian pho.

              1. re: jeffs101

                Some places will serve veggies and rice noodles in the pho broth or will add veggies to any beef or chicken pho. If you're vegetarian or vegan, you'll have to choose places that have vegetarian options, such as Hanoi 3 Seasons or Peach Garden.

              2. re: leftear

                A couple places use veggie broth, which I guess makes it inauthentic -- but means I can order it.