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Jan 27, 2010 09:09 AM

Wedding Lunch

Friends and I are looking to have a lunch celebrating our friend's wedding in early February. The wedding will be downtown, so preferably something in the loop or nearby. We are students so there are slight budget constraints, but we're looking for something festive and memorable as well. Any suggestions? We were thinking of the Atwood Cafe, but we're not sure if they'll have room for us. Thanks

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  1. Sounds lovely. Atwood is very nice.
    But we need a bit more info.
    How many are you? Private Room or just a big table?
    Order off the menu or pre-planned meal?
    Can you put a number on the "slight budget constraints"?

    1. I've never heard The Atwood described as either "festive" or as a place for people with "budget constraints," though without knowing what the budget it it's not easy to qualify. In addition to Chicgal's excellent follow-up questions, I have one of my own: what day of the week?