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Jan 27, 2010 09:02 AM

Good Eats in Stoney Creek

Hi Foodies,

I've just moved to Stoney Creek (East Hamilton) from the West Mountain of Hamilton. I already love the Attic for Pizza and Wings, but where are the true gems in Stoney Creek? Thanks!!!

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  1. Good question. Village has good breakfast, there's Pho Dau Bo on Queenston but that's not really Stoney Creek-specific. I like the special peach pie during peach season at the Punch Bowl. Can't think of anything else off hand.

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      Thanks, Pho Dau Bo is the bomb! Any other suggestions from Stoney Creekers?

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        There's Stoney Creek Dairy Bar (when the season opens), and attached to that you can get a good poutine at Hutch's. I don't recommend the poutine and the ice cream on the same visit, but that's your call :-)
        We also get take-out from Miss Thailand, near the Denningers. I like the Drunken Noodles.

        Stoney Creek Dairy Bar
        135 King St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8G1L4, CA

    2. The Express Restaurant (349 Grays Rd) is really good. It is an Italian Restaurant with great wood oven pizza's, pasta, etc. Try their grilled veggie salad, it is huge and very tasty!

      1. The Memphis Fire Barbeque Company opened on # 8 in Winona last month. Haven't been there yet, but have heard good things. They are billing themselves as a Diners, Drivethrus and Dives type of place. Will probably check it out this weekend.

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          My boyfriend is from stoney creek so I will ask him. But we recently went to August 8 for all you can eat sushi and DimSum in Hamilton. Its about 10 minutes from SC. IT WAS AMAZING! I was expecting it to be really cheap sushi but it was far from it. The House Roll is amazing. Don't be put off by the fact that it is in a strip mall because it is pretty nice inside and the crowd is not sketchy.
          I have been back twice

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            And then there's all the Hamilton suggestions found in several other discussions if you want to go that way, but as you came from the west mountain, I'm sure you know about them.

            I'd also recommend the Vicars Vice on Rymal East for decent pub food in a really nice setting (a renovated church). The Old Powerhouse (Jones at King and New Mountain) is decent enough for upscale casual dining that isn't a Milestones, etc.

            The Old Powerhouse Restaurant
            21 Jones St, Stoney Creek, ON L8G3H9, CA

            1. re: Mike from Hamilton

              Second the Vicars for wings in a cozy setting. And hi Mike, we miss you!

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                I've been to Vicar's vice 4 or 5 times. I was just there on Friday. Great Spot. I've been to August 8, great spot as well. I can't wait to try the Express for wood oven pizza (Spasso on Queenston is great as well for wood oven pizza) and The Memphis Fire Barbeque Company... I'll try that next week sometime and will review on here.

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            I had a friend visiting and was looking for something interesting, and found this link. I've been looking for BBQ in the area for years (I'm hooked on Texas BBQ from when I'm in Dallas) and besides a place in TO (Can't remember the name, and it's really out of the way) haven't found any.

            Anyways, we went to Memphis Fire tonight and it was super! We both had the brisket. The beans are great, the biscuits were great, the Mac & cheese was awesome!

            It's going to be a regular spot for sure!

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