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Jan 27, 2010 08:56 AM

Looking for Good Brunch with Bobo Tea

I am throwing a baby shower for a friend, and we're wondering if a great brunch place that just happens to serve bobo (bubble) tea exists in the DC area. I have seen tea rooms that also have dumplings, but we are seeking a place with a little more variety. Or a place that would let us bring in additional items. It also needs to accomadate about 10-12 guests.

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  1. Teaism serves breakfast items and also has bubble tea. Though my one sampling of their bubble tea at their Dupont location a few years ago was not good, I am told that their Penn Quarter shop has good bubble tea.
    Also consider Shanghai Tea House in Glover Park for lunch and bubble tea. They have a full Chinese menu (including homemade dumplings but also lots of other items) and have good bubble tea.
    I'm sure a couple of places in Rockville would suit your needs, though I am no expert since I don't have a car. I think Maria's, Bob's Noodle 66, also check A&J, all serve full Chinese menus (A&J has Northern style dim sum) and also have bubble tea.

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      By the way, finally tried the bubble tea at Teaism in Penn Quarter. HORRIBLE!! The tapioca balls were mushy. Horrible. I guess I will continue to go to Panda Cafe when I make my periodical Trader Joe's visits...

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        My first thought was A&J as well. Their bubble tea is wonderful as is all their other food, but the atmosphere is a little lacking: small, entirely open dining room that can get a bit noisy. It depends how the party feels about food vs. ambiance.

      2. There is Snap in Georgetown. It is small, but they may want to accomodate your group or let you be the only ones there as reserved or something. They serve mostly crepes and lots of bubble tea. You might have to work with them to personalize. It is a cute spot. They have outdoor seating-not sure when you are looking to host the party.

        1. Shilla Bakery could be fun. In addition to baked goods, they also have shave ice. I would love big bowls of shave ice at a shower.

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            I agree Shilla Bakery is a good idea. You can probably have a good Korean buffet lunch across the street.